Who is Muhammad Binghatti?

Muhammad Binghatti is a prominent figure contributing to Dubai’s architecture. He is one of the many behind the amazing buildings seen in Dubai.

He has become famous for creating luxurious and innovative properties in Dubai.

Personal Information of Muhammad Binghatti:

When was he born?

Muhammad Binghatti was born in the United Arab Emirates on July 16, 1972. His father was an entrepreneur with various business interests.

What is his nationality?

Muhammad Binghatti is of Emirati nationality. He belongs to a family who has lived there for generations.

What languages is he fluent in?

Muhammad Binghatti is bilingual and fluent in Arabic and English.

What is his Educational Background?

In 2015 Muhammad Binghatti graduated from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) which is one of the top universities.

Muhammad Binghatti’s Family and Hobbies:

Muhammad Binghatti is a family man, blessed with a wife and four children.

When not working, Binghatti enjoys hobbies such as boating, falconry, and reading, finding relaxation in these activities.

Beginning of his career:

He started his career before he graduated from AUS College of Architecture, Art, and Design (CAAD). 

He gives credit to his college for the skills and success he has today.

CEO of Binghatti Developers:

Muhammad Binghatti is the CEO of Binghatti Developers, contributing to Dubai’s real estate.

He introduced new and modernized ideas and designs that led to the company’s success.

What are Binghatti Developers about?

Who is Muhammad Binghatti?

Binghatti Developers is a successful real estate firm, famous for unique towers in Dubai.

Headquarters in Dubai, Binghatti developers take on large-scale real estate projects across the UAE.

The company operates with an investment value that exceeds AED 20 billion.

When was the Company initiated?

The company was founded in 2008 by Hussain BinGhatti Aljbori, Muhammad’s father who was the son of a nomadic Bedouin merchant.

Initially, the company was an umbrella organization for Hussain’s various business interests.

When did Muhammad Binghatti become CEO?

Who is Muhammad Binghatti?

In 2014, Muhammad Binghatti took control of the family property development business.

Six years later, Muhammad took over and the property side of the company started to gain success.

The success of the firm under the supervision of Binghatti:

Under Muhammad Binghatti’s leadership, the family property development business flourished, evolving into a major entity with 40+ projects valued at AED 3.5 billion.

What distinguishes Binghatti from other CEOs?

What makes Muhammad stand out as a CEO in real estate is his background as a qualified architect.

He graduated from a well-known university and studied architecture resulting in higher knowledge of the field.

Binghatti, integrating art into properties

Muhammad is a key part of designing buildings and believes in adding art to make properties special and unique.

They try to integrate artificial intelligence into their projects making smart properties that can interact with humans.

The first real estate developer to partner with luxury brands:

Who is Muhammad Binghatti?

Binghatti made history by being the first global real estate developer to team up with luxury brands like Bugatti and Jacob & Co for special projects.

These projects display the unique styles of these brands in their designs. The brands they have collaborated with include automotive and watch brands.

What is the Binghatti holding best known for?

The company gained fame for its imaginative architecture and focus on luxury details, setting a standard for exceptional design.

Each design is unique and requires designers of a particular calibre.

Past Experiences of Muhammad Binghatti

Before leading the Binghatti holding, he worked with many other prominent organizations in the field of real estate. 

His past experiences help him run his company differently and skillfully.

Identity of the Brand

By using parametric design on building facades, Binghatti made them climate-responsive. Bold colors like white, orange, and black shaped their brand.

The first real estate developer to partner with luxury brands

Unique design language

This design approach has extended to over 50 projects throughout Dubai, showcasing a unified and recognizable architectural language.

According to Muhammad, they do not require billboards because their buildings themselves are their billboards.

International Property Awards Dubai (IPAD) 2018

The International Property Awards Dubai 2018 took place at the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah on October 11.

What is IPAD?

IPAD awards recognize excellence in design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and sustainability for architects, developers, designers, and brokers in Dubai.

Most influential leader in real estate award

Muhammad Binghatti won recognition as the most influential leader in real estate by the Dubai Land Department at IPAD 2018.

Muhammad’s award-winning project “Millennium Binghatti Residences”

At the same event, Muhammad Binghatti earned three additional awards for Binghatti Developers’ standout project, Millennium Binghatti Residences in Business Bay.

The three categories included:

  1. Architecture Multiple Residence
  2. Residential High rise development
  3. Residential High rise architecture

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AUS Alumni Wall of Fame

In 2020, Binghatti was honored on the AUS Alumni Wall of Fame by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed AlQasimi.

Now he provides workshops at the university for students to learn and enhance their skills.

Who is Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi?
Muhammad Binghatti?

Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi is the Ruler of Sharjah, President of AUS and member of the supreme council of UAE.

Notable projects by Binghatti:

The notable architectural masterpieces include:

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residencies:

One of the tallest hyper towers

Experience living among the clouds, atop one of the world’s tallest hyper towers, offering a truly elevated and breathtaking lifestyle.

Due to the height of the tower, the residents get the impression of living within the clouds.

In collaboration with Jacob & Co.

Jacob & Co is a luxury watch brand known for its designs and quality.

This project includes elements inspired by Jacob & Co’s watchmaking, adding a special touch with attention to detail and precision.

The crown on top is a display of signature Jacob diamonds

On top of the tower is a crown-like structure displaying the signature Jacob diamonds that glisten in the sky.

The crown is the ultimate symbol of Binghatti and Jacob & Co’s unique style, shining high in the hypertower.

Bugatti residencies by Binghatti:

Project in Collaboration with Bugatti
Project in Collaboration with Bugatti

This project is a combined vision of Binghatti and Bugatti. Bugatti is a famous luxury car brand.

The project showcases Buggati’s unique style and speaks luxury.

Inspired by nature’s fluidity

The building’s exterior has flowing lines and gentle curves, giving it the same vibe as the French Riviera.

By looking at the building you can get the impression of a river which was the main objective of the project.

Binghatti Mall:

Multi-use commercial Plaza

This plaza contains retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. There is also an indoor amusement park.

Binghatti Onyx:

An architectural masterpiece

Binghatti Onyx, blending innovative civil design and detailed architectural beauty, stands as an iconic representation of perfection.

At the Jumeirah Village circle, this project contains one and two-bedroom apartments.

The blend of nature and heritage

This iconic building honors the harmonious blend of the region’s rich heritage and the beauty of nature, celebrating both.

It contains a grand interior and smart features, perfect for a luxurious lifestyle.

Binghatti House:

A durable and stable project

The project boasts a strong structural framework, ensuring durability and stability, comparable to the chassis of a finely tuned automobile.

A polished design

The exterior consists of sleek lines and a polished finish, reflecting the brand’s dedication to flawless craftsmanship.

More awards won by Muhammad Binghatti:

More awards won by Muhammad Binghatti

Muhammad Binghatti has won numerous awards due to his unique architectural designs. These awards include:

  • Affordable Housing Award: He won this award at the Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets 2018.
  • Innovation in Design Award: This award was presented at the Design Middle East Awards 2018.
  • Developer of the Year Award: presented at MENA Green Building Awards 2018.
  • Gulf Real Estate Awards 2018: won within the overall real estate category, Best marketing campaign category, and best real estate project category.

Future Projects:

Binghatti is constantly working to create more innovative projects. Some of the ongoing projects include:

Mercedes Benz places Residential Tower:

A project in Downtown Dubai

The construction of this 341-meter-high project has been initiated and is said to be completed in 2026.

The project is situated in downtown to provide a good view of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

The building will contain 65 floors and is reported to have a budget of 1 billion dollars.

Commitment to sustainability

The Photovoltaic panels placed at the rear of the building will generate electricity that will be used to power the charging stations of electric vehicles inside.

The building will also have solar panels to reduce the grid-based energy needs and the exterior will be a bullet-shaped tower.

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The Binghatti Foundation

The Binghatti Foundation by Muhammad Binghatti aims to help those in need.

Through the Foundation, he has generously donated millions to causes such as housing for low-income groups, environmental conservation, and education promotion.


Due to Binghatti’s high skills and experience, the company grows and new architectural designs keep on residing in Dubai. Muhammad Binghatti continues to remain a big name in Dubai and UAE due to his innovative approach and designs.

The first project was the Emerald Palace Estate launched in mid mid-2000s.

He was born on July 16 1972 in United Arab Emirates.

The first real estate developer to form partnerships with luxury brands.

Muhammad Binghatti is of Emirati nationality.


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