Where to Dine in Dubai: Top 10 Restaurants You Must Visit in 2024

Top 10 Restaurants You Must Visit in 2024

Dubai is known as the shining jewel of the Middle East, but there are more than just impressive skyscrapers and high-end shopping options. Its food scene is equally lively and has variety, just like its city center—an adventure that mesmerises your taste buds with every bite. Irrespective of whether you have an interest towards fine dining or crave authentic traditional dishes’ distinct flavours, Dubai has something available to satisfy people for every taste! In this article, we will look into revealing Dubai’s ten must-try restaurants with a range of delightful dishes guaranteed to make your 2024 trip memorable forevermore.

10 Best Restaurants in Dubai 2024


Zuma, located at the centre of DIFC, is a restaurant known for its modern Japanese Izakaya cuisine. Its atmosphere displays elegance and liveliness, – ideal for corporate meals or nights out with friends. The menu presents a variety of appetising options ranging from tasty sashimi to tasty black cod in miso sauce, each bite offering a fusion of flavours that will delight any food aficionado. Zuma’s reputation as a one-of-a-kind delicious haven makes it an irresistible not-to-miss dining place!

Top 10 Restaurants You Must Visit in 2024

La Petite Maison

Located in DIFC, La Petite Maison impresses guests with its French Riviera and Mediterranean-influenced fare. The restaurant shows elegance, offering a menu that emphasizes fresh and seasonal ingredients. Notable entrées comprise mouth-watering burrata cheese, perfectly grilled lamb cutlets and tangy lemon tart dessert guaranteed to satisfy palates seeking authentic French cooking. With every dish representing elegance mixed with uncomplicated yet beautiful cooking techniques synonymous with French cuisine- dining at this establishment proves memorable indeed!


Ossiano, located in Atlantis the Palm, provides a remarkable dining experience with its unique underwater ambience. While enjoying mouthwatering specialities such as caviar, lobster and scallops made from premium seafood ingredients there is also an opportunity to behold the marine life frolicking around you. An experience awaits you with their tasting menu that takes your senses on a journey of discovery making Ossiano more than just eating out but instead becomes an experience worth indulging in.

Al Fanar

Situated in Dubai Festival City, Al Fanar provides an entrance to historic Dubai and serves as an essence of genuine Emirati food. The restaurant’s traditional interior creates the perfect atmosphere for a wide variety of dishes that are inspired by local flavours. Meals like harees (a porridge-like dish), machboos (a rice dish with meat or fish), and luqaimat (sweet dumplings) are carefully prepared, giving customers a clear understanding of the food that has been popular in the United Arab Emirates for many years. A celebration of heritage fused with tradition is what one can expect in this dining experience.

Top 10 Restaurants You Must Visit in 2024


Coya, found at the Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach, creates a lively atmosphere as a vibrant Peruvian restaurant. Its menu features colourful ceviches, tiraditos, and grilled meats with strong spices and flavours. The well-known Pisco Sour cocktail pairs perfectly with these dishes, adding to the lively vibe at Coya.


Nobu at Atlantis The Palm sweetly merges Japanese methods with Peruvian ingredients, resulting in an inventive and delectable fusion. This upscale restaurant under the direction of Chef Nobu Matuhisa, serves well-known dishes like miso-marinated black cod and yellowtail jalapeo. With its attractive ambience and accurately prepared cuisine, Nobu is a favoured spot for discerning gastronomes.

Top 10 Restaurants You Must Visit in 2024


Located inside Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah is Pierchic – a high-quality restaurant famous for its amazing experience over the water. With beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf as your background, enjoy tasty treats like fresh oysters and seafood plates along with a great choice of fish dishes. The peaceful but fancy atmosphere adds to the charm – making it an ideal place for celebrating a special event with family and friends.


Located in the calm and lovely one-and-only Royal Mirage, Eauzone features a blend of Asian and global flavours. Their wide menu has outstanding dishes made with careful focus on quality and presentation – from miso-glazed salmon to wagyu beef. Additionally, dining at Eauzone is enriched by its peaceful setting with views of the pool area and sea; making it a hidden gem for diners looking for calmness paired with delicious food.


The Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek’s Aseelah offers a new twist on local Emirati food, mixing old flavours with modern cooking ways. The restaurant serves dishes like fish with rice and camel stew that bring both comfort and surprise. With its modern spin on Emirati food traditions, Aseelah is an exciting celebration of the food it offers.


Thiptara, a restaurant located at The Palace Downtown in Dubai, is known for its delicious Thai food and amazing views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain. Their menu has a mix of traditional Thai dishes with modern changes like Pad Thai noodles, green curry chicken, and sweet mango Sticky rice dessert. With beautiful sights and real Thai tastes served perfectly, Thiptara offers an amazing food experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Top 10 Restaurants You Must Visit in 2024


The dining landscape best restaurants in dubai 2024 is a colourful fusion of varied tastes and traditions, catering to diverse palates. Top-notch eateries like Zuma and La Petite Maison exude refinement, while Al Fanar and Aseelah offer an authentic taste of Emirati cuisine. The city’s finest culinary establishments promise unforgettable gastronomic journeys waiting to be savoured. Discovering this extensive selection will reveal why Dubai has earned its global reputation as a foodie hub with abundant diversity on the menu!


Which are the top Japanese restaurants in Dubai?

Dubai’s finest Japanese restaurants include Zuma and Nobu, renowned for serving a selection of modern and blended cuisine.

Where in Dubai can I locate genuine Emirati dishes?

The best picks for genuine Emirati food are Al Fanar and Aseelah.

What is the name of the Dubai-based restaurant that provides a dining experience underwater?

Ossiano, located at Atlantis The Palm, presents an exceptional dining ambiance submerged under water.

What dessert is essential to try at La Petite Maison?

The lemon tart is a must-try when dining at La Petite Maison.

Are there restaurants in Dubai that offer a view of the Burj Khalifa?

The Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa provide stunning views from Thiptara.

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