Top 10 Dubai Nurseries and Kindergartens for 2024

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

With the best standard of living and ever-developing infrastructure, Dubai offers a great perspective of the best nurseries and kindergartens as well. These institutions provide the best early childhood teaching, development and care which helps the kids’ complete growth and development. If you are looking for the most suitable nurseries and kindergartens in Dubai for the next academic year, 2024, you should check the following list of the ten best ones.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai:

 1. Dubai British Foundation

 Location: Jumeirah Islands

 Overview: Dubai British Foundation for instance is best known for its British early years foundation stage curriculum that emphasizes a child’s development. The facilities of the nursery include sensory rooms, music and movement rooms, and large play areas for the kids to run around and play outdoors. The staff readily ensures that the young learners are offered a warm and stimulating environment as they are all trained.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

2. Kangaroo Kids Nursery

 Location: Al Safa

 Overview: Kangaroo Kids Nursery is most famous for its internationally recognized child-centred format. The nursery pays much attention to the discovery based on the concept that children learn much by doing. There are play-based or thematic classroom settings, an indoor play area/Gym and a spacious outdoor area.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

 3. Willow Children’s Nursery

 Location: Umm Suqeim

 Overview: At Willow Children’s Nursery, the implemented curriculum is the British EYFS with the emphasis placed on child development. The teacher-student ratio is one of the hallmarks of the nursery where students are accorded individual attentive care. It has contemporary teaching facilities, therapy gardens, and purpose spaces for art and play.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

4. Dubai International Academy Nursery

Location: Emirates Hills

Overview: Part of the Innoventures Education group, Dubai International Academy Nursery provides an enriching EYFS curriculum. The nursery emphasizes bilingualism and offers a variety of extracurricular activities. Facilities include purpose-built classrooms, a library, and extensive outdoor play areas.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

5. Horizon Kids Nursery

Location: Dubai Silicon Oasis

Overview: Horizon Kids Nursery follows the EYFS curriculum and is known for its inclusive and nurturing environment. The nursery offers a range of activities, including music, dance, and physical education, supported by well-equipped classrooms and playgrounds.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

6. Jumeirah International Nurseries

Location: Al Safa, Downtown, and Jumeirah Village Circle

Overview: Jumeirah International Nurseries offers the EYFS curriculum across multiple locations, providing flexibility for parents. The nurseries emphasize creativity, critical thinking, and social development, supported by state-of-the-art facilities, including sensory rooms and outdoor play areas.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

7. Odyssey Nursery

Location: Umm Suqeim, Dubai Media City, and Mirdif

Overview: Odyssey Nursery offers a unique tri-lingual program (English, Arabic, and French) within the EYFS framework. The nursery focuses on cultural diversity and holistic development, featuring themed classrooms, sensory areas, and expansive outdoor play spaces.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

8. Little Land Nursery & Montessori Centre

Location: Umm Suqeim

Overview: Little Land Nursery & Montessori Centre follows the Montessori method, encouraging independence and self-directed learning. The nursery offers a calm and structured environment with specially designed Montessori materials, beautiful classrooms, and outdoor areas for exploration.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

9. British Orchard Nursery

Location: Include Bur Dubai, Jumeriah and Mirdif

 Overview: British Orchard Nursery is among the largest networks of Nurseries and Kindergartens that are found in the UAE and they use EYFS as their curriculum. The subject areas of development embrace literacy and numeracy as well as physical development and the nurseries are developmentally themed. These are well-equipped classrooms, a hall and spacious and secure play areas and playgrounds.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai

 10. Mosaic Nursery

 Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers

 Overview: Mosaic Nursery has a combination of the English curriculum based on EYFS and ideas of Reggio Emilia and Montessori schools. There is an incorporation of a creatively themed learning environment, exploration and interaction with the community through many colored and attractive classrooms, a library and huge play areas for outdoor learning.

Best Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai


Picking the right kind of nursery school or kindergarten is such a moment that defines a child’s learning process. Nurseries and Kindergarten in Dubai for 2024 that rank among the best ones have a great infrastructure and provide a comprehensive curriculum for the Child’s intellectual, physical and emotional development. There is the EYFS curriculum, Montessori, multilingual education, and much more, and all of them are available in Dubai. Which one do you prefer the most?


 1. Which curriculum is implemented in most of the Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai?

 About 90% of Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai operate under the British EYFS but some also observe the Montessori and Reggio Emilia and other international theories.

 2. What daycare centres in Dubai can parents enrol their children in with programs that are bilingual or trilingual?

 Yes, there are several nurseries, including Odyssey Nursery that provide programs that are either bilingual or trilingual that is; Arabic, French and English.

 3. Within what age grouping are the children enrolled in Nurseries and Kindergartens in Dubai?

 Dubai Session-based early year centres cover children in the age group of 6 months to 4 years.

 4. Is there a possibility to choose a flexible time for attending Nursery in Dubai?

 Yes, most nursery schools are flexible with working parents and most child care centres allow drop off as early as 6 in the morning and pick up as late as 6 in the evening.

 5. Are there any enrichment activities at any of the nurseries in Dubai?

 Indeed, most nurseries provide children with extra activities including music, dance, sports, and arts that shape the children’s development.

 6. Do nurseries in Dubai offer meals to the children?

 Facilities may offer feeding for the child or expect the parent to bring food for the child in case they are going to be in the nursery for the whole day. However, it is safer to consult a certain nursery.

 7. What is the procedure to follow if I want to put my child in a nursery in Dubai?

 For any further information, you have to contact the mentioned nursery and talk about the procedure which is generally a tour of the nurseries, the application form, and sometimes an assessment.

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