Explore Dubai’s Culture through Its Famous Street Food

Dubai famous street food

Although Dubai is widely praised for its luxurious living and impressive towering structures, it’s not limited to that. It also proudly exhibits a lively Dubai Famous Street Food scene that represents the diverse cultural influences within the city. From traditional Emirati meals to unique international flavors, you can enjoy an enchanting culinary journey through their celebrated street cuisine. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some of Dubai’s exceptional and essential dishes found exclusively in their lively streets, providing valuable insight into traditionality as well!

Some Must-Try Dubai Famous Street Food


Dubai famous street food is undoubtedly Shawarma – a Middle Eastern classic. This dish comprises thinly sliced meat (usually chicken, lamb or beef) that has been slowly cooked on a vertical rotisserie, resulting in tender and flavorful delicacy. The succulent meat is then wrapped snugly inside a warm pita bread with an assortment of other ingredients including garlic sauce, tahini, pickles and crunchy fries to create the perfect combination of flavors for your taste buds!

Best Places to Try Shawarma in Dubai:

Al Mallah, situated on Al Dhiyafah Road, boasts of its delectable Lebanese street fare, such as shawarma, which has made it a sought-after destination.

The Eat & Drink Restaurant has multiple outlets throughout Dubai and is known for their delicious shawarmas that are ideal for a quick snack.

dubai famous street food


Ground chickpeas or fava beans combined with herbs and spices are shaped into a ball or patty, deep-fried to make falafel. This vegetarian delicacy is commonly served in pita bread along with fresh vegetables and tahini sauce.

Best Places to Try Falafel in Dubai

With their fusion of classic and contemporary falafel dishes, Operation Falafel has become a sought-after dining destination for both residents and visitors.

Zaroob, positioned on Sheikh Zayed Road, offers genuine Levantine street cuisine that comprises the finest falafel in town.


Deep-fried dough balls known as Luqaimat are topped with either date syrup or honey and sesame seeds for a traditional Emirati dessert. This sweet delicacy boasts crisp exteriors complemented by soft, contrasting interiors that provide an enjoyable sensory experience.

Best Places to Try Luqaimat in Dubai

Freshly made luqaimat is frequently available at Dubai’s local markets, such as the Global Village, or during cultural festivals.

Logma, situated in Boxpark, offers an array of Emirati delicacies that include scrumptious luqaimat.

dubai famous street food


A Middle Eastern version of pizza, Manakish is a flatbread that comes with an array of toppings like za’atar (a blend containing thyme, sumac and sesame seeds), minced meat or cheese. The traditional oven used for baking the dough imparts crispness to this delightful treat.

Best Places to try Manakish in Dubai

Al Reef Lebanese Bakery is known for their delectable manakish, baked to perfection with a wide range of toppings available.

Mama’esh is renowned for its authentic Palestinian cuisine and serves up some of the most delicious manakish in Dubai.


Samboosa, resembling the Indian samosa, is a three-sided pastry containing spiced meat, vegetables, or lentils that serves as an all-time snack not just limited to Ramadan month.

Best Places to Try Samboosa

Ravi is a restaurant situated in Satwa that has gained popularity for its genuine Pakistani dishes, among which the delectable samboosas are noteworthy.

Firas Sweets is well-known for its delectable Arabic sweets, as well as its scrumptious samboosas, that make an ideal fast snack.

Karak Chai

A blend of aromatic spices, condensed milk and black tea makes Karak Chai a strong spiced beverage much loved by locals. It pairs perfectly with street food too – truly comforting!

Where can I Try Karak Chai?

Karak House, situated in the heart of Downtown Dubai, presents a contemporary take on the conventional beverage.

If you love tea, don’t miss out on visiting Filli Cafe! With multiple locations across Dubai and being famous for their signature Filli Karak, it’s a top destination.

Trying the Street Food Culture of Dubai

Discovering the street food scene in Dubai goes far beyond savoring delicious flavors. It’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in the cultural tapestry of this vibrant city, where every morsel tells a tale of tradition and innovation stemming from diverse culinary influences. Whether wandering through Deira’s lively thoroughfares or taking pleasure in JBR’s contemporary atmosphere, Dubai’s acclaimed street cuisine provides ample choices for discerning tastes.

When you’re in Dubai again, don’t stick to fancy restaurants. Instead, immerse yourself in the lively world of street food where different tastes and smells come together to give this metropolitan city its soulful character.

Dubai famous street food

Q: What is the best time to explore Dubai famous street food?
A: The best time to explore street food in Dubai is during the cooler months, from November to March, when the weather is pleasant for outdoor dining.

Q: Are there any vegetarian street food options in Dubai?
A: Yes, Dubai offers a variety of vegetarian street food options, such as falafel, samosas, and chaat.

Q: Can I find street food from other cultures in Dubai?
A: Absolutely! Dubai’s street food scene is incredibly diverse, featuring flavors from the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and beyond.

Q: Is street food in Dubai safe to eat?
A: Street food in Dubai is generally safe to eat, especially from well-known vendors and food trucks. It’s always good to check for cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Q: What should I drink with street food in Dubai?
A: Popular drinks to enjoy with street food include fresh fruit juices, traditional Arabic tea, and laban (a yogurt-based drink).

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