Paris Group Fashion Brands?


The Paris Group is a big company in fashion. They include famous brands known for their style and elegance.

In this blog, we will learn more about the Paris group Fashion brands.

40 Years of Excellence

The Paris Group LLC has been a successful company for 40 years, distributing and supplying apparel in the Middle East and the Far East.

As a fashion retailer and franchise, they deeply value the retail sector, recognizing its importance in their business.

Who is the founder of Paris Group?

Established by Dr. Abdulkader Sankari in 1983, Paris Group holds a prominent position in the Middle East’s fashion and hospitality sectors.

With over 40 years of experience, it’s renowned for its contributions and influence in these industries throughout the region.

The Paris Group Family

Paris Group has over 4,000 skilled professionals from 35 countries, like an extended family, mainly working in Dubai.

These dedicated workers support Paris Group’s operations, making it strong and diverse, with its main hub in Dubai.

The company manages more than 250 of its boutiques, showing how it’s a big player in fashion in the Middle East.

Paris Group Fashion Brands

Paris Group, with Sankari Investment, partners with famous designers, making elegant global fashion accessible. They aim to boost fashion in the GCC.

The Paris Group fashion brands include:


Gianni Versace founded Versace in 1978, an Italian fashion brand. They make expensive clothes of high quality.

They are best known for bright colors and flashy prints and unlike many, they make their textiles.


Due to Canali’s attention to detail and use of the highest quality materials, its suits are known for being of the best quality.

They have established themselves as a leading luxury men’s fashion brand due to their dedication to excellence.


Since 1987, John Richmond has run his brand with three lines: John Richmond, Richmond X, and Richmond Denim.

John Richmond mixes punk rock with fancy tailoring, making fancy everyday clothes that are different and special with cool designs.


In Metzingen, Germany, Hugo Boss AG, known as BOSS, is a luxury fashion brand specializing in high-end designs.

Hugo Boss is a global fashion and lifestyle company that manufactures premium apparel, shoes, and accessories for men and women.


French-Italian designer Loris Azzaro, gained fame for his flamboyant dresses in the 1960s.

Later in life, he became famous for his perfumes, cementing his legacy as a fashion icon.

Owning the largest Fashion Logistics center in the UAE

Paris Group has a large wholesale division and a retail chain. Their warehouse in the UAE is 800,000 square feet, fully automated.

It’s one of the biggest fashion logistics centers in the UAE, helping Paris Group manage its retail operations effectively.

The warehouse is located in Dubai Investment Park with five levels and is supported by 150 vehicles.

Largest Retail Chain in UAE

The Paris Group’s retail division comprises over 152 shops across the Middle East, making it the largest retail chain in the UAE.

Food and Beverage Division of Paris Group

Sankari Hospitality, also called Food Vision, is Paris Group’s Food and Beverage division they expertly manage and operate various themed luxury food outlets, restaurants, and cafes.

Their renowned dining options feature high-profile locations, exhibition kitchens, and skilled chefs, ensuring memorable culinary experiences with professional service.

Which restaurants do they own?

Paris Group owns the following food outlets and restaurants:

  • Gold Café
  • Fauchon
  • Biella
  • Miu Shanghai
  • Ashas
  • Al Halibii


The Paris Group, a prominent entity in the UAE, has built unparalleled trust, professionalism, and service excellence, leading the retail sector.

Renowned for its partnerships with top fashion brands, the Paris Group also excels in managing luxury food outlets.

It is a retail company that partners with top fashion designers.

The Paris Group is the largest retail chain in the UAE.

JW Turner is a sister company that manages the interior decoration and renovation of new boutiques and restaurants


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