Where abouts is Dubai? Dubai is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates. Renowned for its modernity the city offers diverse attractions and experiences.

Coastal Area

Situated near sea level, at approximately 16 meters (52 feet) above sea level, the location offers a coastal experience with a modest elevation, providing a diverse and dynamic environment.

Dubai map

Borders with Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Oman

Dubai shares its borders with neighboring emirates. To the south stands Abu Dhabi, to the northeast is Sharjah, and to the southeast, it extends a cordial greeting to the Sultanate of Oman.

Dubai border

Wealthy Dubai

Dubai, a preeminent emirate among the seven in the United Arab Emirates federation, stands as one of the wealthiest, characterized by development, innovative architecture, and a thriving economy.

Skyscrapers, Ports, and Beaches

Dubai, a metropolis characterized by towering skyscrapers, bustling ports, and pristine beaches, showcases a harmonious blend of modern architecture, maritime activity, and coastal allure, defining its dynamic urban landscape.

Where Business Meets Leisure

Dubai is a busy place for both big businesses and people looking for sun and fun. Companies do well here, and there’s a mix of work and play for everyone.

Diverse and Friendly

With a diverse community, Dubai exudes a Middle Eastern melting pot vibe. The atmosphere is notably tolerant, reflecting diversity and contributing to a harmonious coexistence of cultures.

Religious Harmony in Dubai

Dubai embraces religious diversity, with Islam as the majority, yet harmoniously integrating churches, Hindu temples, and mosques, fostering a tolerant and inclusive cityscape.

Safe and Prosperous Growth

Dubai, characterized by low crime rates, owes its remarkable growth to administrative efficiency and a business-friendly environment. The city’s commitment to security and commerce has fostered unparalleled development.

Dubai is a destination like no other with luxurious lifestyle and locations that mesmerize. Lets explore the amazing whereabouts of this famous city.

Dubai’s Western Charms

Dubai’s western region, featuring sandy beaches, is a key driver of the city’s tourism. These scenic coastal areas play a vital role in attracting visitors and bolstering the tourism sector.

Artificial Islands

Dubai’s leaders, addressing limited seafronts, encouraged developers to build expansive artificial islands off the city’s coast. This creative initiative, in the absence of natural islands, has transformed the shoreline.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah, the most renowned among Dubai’s artificial islands, is designed in the shape of a palm tree. This iconic development stands as a testament to the city’s innovative urban planning. Multiple hotels, residences and entertainment venues can be found on this manmade island.

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Emirates Towers

Emirates Towers, constructed in the late ’90s and early 2000s, include a hotel and government offices. Dubai International Financial Centre, near Sheikh Zayed Road, features a futuristic arch-shaped building.

Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest building

The Burj Khalifa, inaugurated in 2010 as the world’s tallest building, pays tribute to the president of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa ibn Zayed Al Nahyan. The height of this skyscraper is 2,717 feet. 

The Burj Khalifa is known as the vertical city because it is not just a building, but contains residential spaces, entertainment venues and corporate suites.

Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro, inaugurated in 2009, is a modern and efficient rapid transit system. Covering key areas, it boasts driverless trains, cutting-edge technology, and contributes significantly to the city’s transportation infrastructure.

Dubai Desert Safaris

Experience Dubai desert riding adventure, a thrilling escapade into the vast and mesmerizing dunes. From exhilarating dune bashing to camel rides, it offers a unique blend of excitement and serenity. Tourists like to enjoy a night in the desert under the clear skies which is a hypnotizing sight.

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Aquaventure, Dubai’s Epic Waterpark Thrills

Aquaventure, the world’s largest waterpark adjacent to Atlantis, The Palm, is a must-see Dubai attraction. Boasting 105 slides and rides, including record-breakers, it’s an iconic and thrilling part of the city’s theme park scene.

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Thrills and Marine Delights

Aquaventure Waterpark’s legendary rides like Medusa’s Lair and Shockwave, along with the River Rapids, span three towers. Beyond thrilling attractions, the park offers marine experiences, watersports, animal encounters, private beaches, and kids’ play areas. where abouts is dubai

So if you’re looking for a vacation or a place to make your business bloom.

Then Dubai is your go to destination.

It is close to Iran by sea.

Because of its stunning architecture, artificial islands, huge malls and skyscrapers.

It is known as the city of gold.


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