Dubai is well known for its amazing, eye catching destinations. With huge malls this modernized city is a shopping hub. So what to buy in Dubai? 

Dubai a fashion Hub

It is impossible to visit Dubai and come empty handed. With such a wide variety of options to choose from, it is confusing to decide what to buy. Tourists mostly miss out on exquisite gems due to this. Therefore, we will be exploring a list of items to buy in Dubai.

1) Gold Jewelry

Dubai is well known as the City of Gold. When visiting Dubai, it is a must to buy gold jewelry because it has lower prices and better quality.

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2) Oudh fragrance

This famous fragrance from the Agar tree should be at the top of your shopping list. Oudh is an expensive yet unique scent which can be found in various forms while exploring Dubai.

3) Pashmina Shawls

A blend of silk and goat hair, these exquisite shawls are found in amazing designs, colors and quality in Dubai.

4) Persian Rugs

Expensive and a bit larger in size to carry, these exquisite pieces are a must have. The hand crafted rugs are more expensive than the machine made. These rugs can be an elegant addition to your home décor.

Variation in price

The price of the Persian rugs vary based on the detailing on the rugs, the size and whether you want it customized.

5) Arabian Coffee:

Arabian coffee is known for its strong taste and is definitely a treat to balance out any sweet treat. This can be bought as a gift to give to your family at home.

6) Dallah

Dallah are Arabian coffee pots easily available and elegant. What can be a better gift than a pair of Dallah and Arabian coffee? The pots are usually made of copper but some have a hint of gold and silver as well. They feature the traditional arabic styles and can be used for decorative purposes.

7) Attar

Can’t afford Oudh? Buy Arabic Attars instead. These non-alcoholic fragrances are affordable and come in wide variety for both men and women.

8) Camel Milk chocolate

Camel milk chocolate is produced by only one company, Al Nassma. If you’re looking for a rare and unique gift to take home, then this is the best option. They are of five types including dates and spiced.


Dubai offers some of the best quality dates of the world. There is a variety of dates to choose from and each is rich in nutrients and delicious in taste.

9) Arabic Lanterns

Illuminate your home with the enchanting allure of Arabic lanterns, a perfect Dubai souvenir. Crafted with intricate patterns, these lanterns captivate with their beauty.

10) Lamps

Transport yourself to the tales of Aladdin with exquisitely crafted lamps, adorned with stones and intricate carvings. Unusual and beautiful Dubai souvenirs.

11) Incense Holder

In addition to captivating incense fragrances, Dubai boasts exquisite incense holders. Infused with frankincense or myrrh, they emanate rich and aromatic scents, perfect for ceremonies and celebrations.

12) Traditional Arab Shoes

Men’s shoes feature intricate thread work, while women’s shoes dazzle with beads and baubles, perfect for a quirky outfit addition.

13) Arabian Daggers

The traditional Arabian daggers are the best for wall decorations. In amazing styles and carvings these daggers also known as khanjars are a must buy.

14) Precious Stones

You can buy a verity of precious and semi-precious stones in mesmerizing colors. You can either buy them separately or in the form of jewelry.

15) Tea Blends

Indulge in Dubai’s exotic tea blends, marrying traditional flavors with a touch of luxury. Savor the uniqueness of saffron-infused teas, delicately combining its aroma with tea leaves.

16) Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy, a profound artistic expression in the Middle East, captures deep meanings with each stroke and curve of the letters. Ranging from traditional to contemporary styles, it often depicts Quranic verses or poetry.

17) Handmade crafts

Explore Dubai’s handmade crafts, showcasing rich artistic traditions. From intricately designed pottery to woven baskets and wooden carvings, each piece reflects the artistry and cultural heritage of the Middle East.

18) Spices

Capture the flavors of Dubai by purchasing local spices, a delightful and affordable choice from the marketplace. Known for their transformative magic, these spices turn ordinary meals into delicious culinary experiences.

19) Jewel Chest

Enhance your jewelry purchase with a stunning jewel chest, a wooden masterpiece typically crafted from sandalwood. Available in various colors, designs, and sizes, these spacious chests offer an organized solution for your jewelry. Adorned with precious or semi-precious stones, brass, and silver, they make excellent gifts or cherished souvenirs.

  1. Khaliji Music and Instruments

 If you’re interested in music, explore traditional Khaliji music CDs or consider buying traditional instruments.

  1. Pottery and ceramics

Pottery in the UAE, rooted in ancient traditions, evolves as modern art. Local artists shape ceramics, blending heritage with contemporary expression.

  1. Frankincense

Frankincense, a special sap from the Boswellia tree, turns into hard resins. Arabs love using it as incense, calling it the ‘pearl of the desert.’

  1. Mirzam chocolate

Mirzam Chocolate, made in the UAE, is a fantastic local brand. Their chocolate is delicious and proudly crafted in the country.

  1. Baklava

Indulge in the rich layers of Baklava, a sweet treat with filo pastry, honey, nuts, and dried fruits. Perfect from Wafi Gourmet.

  1. Dried fruits and nuts

Dubai’s diverse dried fruits and nuts, from Iranian pistachios to Egyptian walnuts, make exquisite souvenirs, rich in flavor and quality.

  1. Date jam

Date jam, a delicacy from Bateel and Wafi Gourmet, enhances cheese boards. Found in souks and supermarkets, pack carefully for travel.

  1. Date cookies

Indulge in date cookies, a delightful treat for coffee or tea. A sweet reminder of Dubai’s delicious date offerings.

  1. Honey

Dubai’s honey varieties, from local to Yemeni, offer purity and unique flavors. A precious souvenir worth bringing home.

  1. Date stuffed chocolates

Date stuffed chocolates in Dubai, a delightful blend of premium chocolate and sweet dates. A perfect treat from various stores.

  1. Jalabiya and kandura

Jalabiya and Kandura, traditional garments in Dubai, embody cultural elegance. Jalabiya for women, Kandura for men, symbolize heritage with style.

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