How to check Metro Card Balance in Dubai?

How to check Metro Card Balance in Dubai

How to Check Metro Card Balance: NOL Cards are used to pay for transport in Dubai. Here are the easy steps to check the balance of NOL Cards:

  1. Visit the RTA website.
  2. Click on the ‘Check NOL Card Balance’ option.
  3. Enter your NOL card number and security code.
  4. Click ‘Check’ to see your balance.

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Dubai is a very busy city extremely strict about laws. This is why many tourists and residents prefer public transport as a mode of travel because breaking traffic rules results in black points and removing these black points is a long procedure. 

Plus you also have to pay for parking if you have your car.

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority has made public transport easier. Whether it’s buying tickets or paying bus fines everything is simple and quick.

They introduced NOL cards for people who use public transport. In this blog, we will talk about what are NOL cards and how to check a metro card balance.

What are NOL cards?

In Dubai, the NOL card is your ultimate travel companion. It’s a smart card that makes getting around the city easy. 

With just a tap, you can access various modes of public transportation like:

  • Dubai Metro
  • Buses
  • Dubai Tram
  • RTA taxis.

 But that’s not all, The NOL card also works for marine transportation including:

  • Ferries
  • Abras
  • Water buses. 

You can also use it to pay for parking fees across the city. 

How to buy NOL cards?

There are many options to buy an NOL card from. The options include:

  • Ticket offices or vending machines at metro and bus stations all over the city. 
  • RTA Customer Happiness Center
  • The RTA website 
  • s’hail app. 
  • Buy from authorized sales agents or certain supermarkets like Spinneys, Waitrose, and Carrefour. 

How to use NOL card in simple steps

To use your NOL card follow the given steps.

For entrance

  1. Reach the electronic gates at metro stations or entrance terminals at bus/water bus stations.
  2. Hold your NOL card over the card reader.
  3. Listen for a beep or look for a green light. This means your check-in was successful.
  4. Enter through the gates or terminals and begin your journey.

For Exit

  1. Approach the electronic gates or terminals again.
  2. Hold your NOL card over the card reader.
  3. The reader validates your card and deducts the fare for your journey.

How to check Balance?

NOL cards have reduced the need to carry cash all the time for travel. Just make sure your NOL card has enough balance.

Don’t know how to check your metro card balance? Just follow the given steps:

  1. Visit the RTA website.
  2. Click on the ‘Check NOL Card Balance’ option.
  3. Enter your NOL card number and security code.
  4. Click ‘Check’ to see your balance.

How to recharge an NOL card?

Out of balance? No worries you can easily get your NOL card recharged. 

It’s necessary to have at least an AED 20 balance on your NOL card. You can top up at Metro Station Ticket Offices. 

A minimum balance of AED 15 is needed for a roundtrip. If your balance is running low, you can easily add credit online or use the top-up facility at ticket vending machines/offices in all metro and bus stations across Dubai.

How is the fare of the NOL card calculated?

Dubai has 7 zones, each with its metro, tram, bus, and water bus stations. Your NOL card fare depends on how many zones you travel through. 

NOL cards have a special chip and antenna to make sure transactions are fast, secure, and accurate. They’re designed to prevent fraud.

But remember, if you misuse your NOL card, you can get penalized by the RTA. 

Penalties and fines result in travel bans so be cautious!

Four Types of NOL cards in Dubai

There are four types of NOL cards in Dubai. NOL cards are also known as Dubai public transport cards.

NOL Red card (Red Ticket)

The NOL Red Card is perfect for tourists or occasional travelers in Dubai who don’t ride the metro often. It’s a paper-based ticket that’s valid for 90 days from when you buy it. 

With the red ticket, you can take 10 single journeys or use it for 5 daily passes. 

Price of the card

It costs AED 2 and can be used for one mode of public transport at a time.

NOL Silver Card (Silver Ticket)

The NOL Silver Card is great for people who use public transport regularly in Dubai. 

It lasts for 5 years from when you buy it and works on all modes of public transport included in the NOL card system.

Price of the card

Buying a NOL Silver Card costs AED 25, and it comes with an e-purse balance of AED 19 already loaded onto it. You can add more money to the e-purse, up to AED 1000, whenever you need to.

NOL Golden Card (Golden Ticket)

The NOL Gold Card is perfect for travelers seeking luxury and comfort in Dubai. 

It offers the same features as the NOL Silver Card but with an added perk: access to the exclusive gold compartment on the Dubai Metro. 

This compartment has luxurious leather seats and provides a premium experience with a panoramic view, available for a higher fare.

Price of the card

The NOL Gold Card costs AED 25, which includes an e-purse balance of AED 19. It’s valid for five years and can be topped up with a maximum limit of AED 5000.

NOL Blue Card (Blue Ticket)

The NOL Blue Card is a personalized smart card designed for daily commuters, students, and senior citizens in Dubai. It’s valid for five years and can be used on all types of public transportation.

One of its key features is that if it’s stolen, the balance can still be protected. Additionally, individuals with disabilities and children under five can travel for free with the NOL Blue Card.

Price of the card

The card costs AED 70, which includes AED 20 of e-purse value. You can load a maximum balance of AED 5000 onto the card. It’s important to note that only residents can purchase this card.


How to recharge an NOL card?

You can recharge your NOL card at NOL recharge stations in metro/bus stations, RTA happiness centers, sales agents, and some supermarkets, online via the RTA website, or through the s’hail app.

How to check the validity of my NOL card?

To verify the validity of your NOL Card, simply check at any ticketing machine or counter at Metro stations or parking meters in Dubai.

What is the minimum balance on the NOL card for 2024?

As of 2024, the minimum balance required in a NOL card is Dhs20.

Does Dubai Taxi accept NOL cards?

Yes, Dubai taxis accept Nol cards as one of the payment methods, alongside cash, credit cards, Careem Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Alipay, and QR Code payment.

What is the age limit for NOL cards?

The age limit for a student’s Nol card is between 5 and 23 years old.

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