How to pay parking in Dubai for Abu Dhabi plate

how to pay for parking in Dubai for Abu Dhabi plate

how to pay for parking via SMS in Abu Dhabi. To make a payment for Mawaqif parking, use the following format for an Abu Dhabi registered vehicle: AUH8 3214 S 1. In this example, the ‘S’ refers to Standard Parking, the type of parking. Premium Parking will be indicated by ‘P’. Introduced by the Department of Transport in 2009, Mawaqif improves parking for Abu Dhabi residents.

While various payment methods are available, SMS stands out as the best option for paying parking fees quickly and easily.

In this blog, we will discuss the different ways to pay for parking as well as how to pay for parking in Dubai for the Abu Dhabi plate.

Paying for Parking in Abu Dhabi by SMS

To pay for parking via SMS in Abu Dhabi, follow these steps:

  1. Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter “3009” in the Sender’s field.
  3. In the Message field, type the new parking SMS format for Abu Dhabi cars:

City and Plate Code category <space> Plate number <space> Parking type <space> Duration

For example “AUH8 3214 S 1”

“AUH8” represents the city and plate code category.

“3214” is the plate number of your vehicle.

“S” denotes Standard parking, while “P” indicates Premium Parking.

“1” represents the duration of parking in hours.

Standard Parking costs AED 2 per hour, and Premium Parking costs AED 3 per hour.

To avoid traffic fines and black points in Abu Dhabi, it’s important to pay your parking fees on time and comply with traffic regulations.

How to get a parking extension?

Once you’ve sent the SMS with the correct format for parking payment, you’ll receive a confirmation text. A reminder message will also be sent to you 10 minutes before your parking time expires. If you need an extension, simply type ‘E’ and send it to 3009. This makes sure that you can extend your parking time without facing any difficulties.

SMS Parking in Abu Dhabi for vehicles registered in other Emirates

In the past, parking in Abu Dhabi was only reserved for vehicles registered in the capital, making it challenging for those with cars registered in other emirates to pay parking fees.

 However, recent updates to the Abu Dhabi Mawaqif SMS parking system have simplified this process. Now, you can easily pay for parking in Abu Dhabi using SMS, even if your vehicle is registered in a different emirate like Dubai.

 All you need is the required code for your non-Abu Dhabi registered vehicle.

Here are the SMS codes for vehicles registered in other emirates:

  • Abu Dhabi: AUH
  • Dubai: DXB
  • Sharjah: SHJ
  • Ras Al Khaimah: RAK
  • Ajman: AJM
  • Umma Al Quwain: UAQ
  • Fujairah: FUJ

Mawaqif Pay and Display Machines

Apart from SMS, another way to pay parking in Abu Dhabi is The Mawaqif Pay and Display Machines.

You will find these turquoise machines installed near every parking area. You can easily find these machines by their color and the Mawaqif logo and can conveniently pay for your car parking using cash through these machines.

Whether you’re running a quick errand or planning a longer stay, these machines offer a user-friendly interface that guides you through the payment process step by step.

Simply insert the required amount of cash, follow the on-screen instructions to select your desired parking duration, and collect your printed ticket as proof of payment.

Mawaqif’s Customer service centers

Paying your parking fees with cash is also possible at Mawaqif customer service centers located throughout Abu Dhabi. These centers provide a hassle-free option for motorists to manage their parking payments.

 Simply visit the nearest center, where friendly staff will assist you in topping up your Mawaqif account with cash.

This allows you to maintain funds in your account to cover your parking needs whenever you’re out in the city.

Rechargeable Cards

Another option for paying your parking fees in Abu Dhabi is by using Mawaqif rechargeable cards. Available for purchase at the Customer Happiness Centre, these rechargeable cards offer an easy way to manage your parking payments. These cards have a cost of AED 50, however, you can top up your account with funds up to AED 500. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Mawaqif rechargeable cards offer a hassle-free solution for managing your parking payments in Abu Dhabi.

Pay Online via DARBI

You can pay your parking fee via the DARBI website and mobile app. Whether you’re a registered user or not, you can quickly pay your parking dues with just a few simple steps. For registered users, the process is simple, just log in to your DARBI account and make the payment. If you’re not yet registered, you can still access the service by providing basic details such as your car number plate, phone number, and vehicle type.

Note that you do not always have to pay for parking. Mawaqif offers free car parking on Sundays and national holidays.

Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri.

Yes, you can use DARB in Dubai.

No, you will be penalized with a heavy fine.

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