Dubai is home to people of different cultures. The languages that are most commonly spoken are Arabic and English. Most of the signs and documents are in these two languages because they are easily understood by many. Other languages include Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali

Dubai is home to more than three million people and 200 nationalities. Let’s explore what languages do they speak in Dubai.

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Dubai, a popular and Multicultural city

Dubai is a famous holiday spot in the UAE, loved for its mix of modern and traditional, luxury, and culture. While not the capital, it is the most crowded city as it is home to over three million people from about 200 countries. It’s famous for its mix of cultures, food, and languages. People visit for tourism and business, making it a bustling city

What is the Official language of Dubai?

Since the UAE’s founding in 1971, Arabic has been Dubai’s official language. It’s important in the region and widely spoken by many UAE residents, being the mother tongue for a large part of the population. It has many regional variations, including within Dubai itself.

Some of the variations include:

  • Egyptian Arabic
  • Syrian Arabic
  • Moroccan Arabic
  • Lebanese Arabic

Which Arabic Variation is most spoken?

In Dubai, locals mostly speak Gulf Arabic or Khaleeji, the main dialect. The second most common is Egyptian Arabic, known as Masri. These dialects reflect the city’s diverse linguistic landscape. When visiting Dubai, it’s useful to learn some Arabic phrases to communicate with locals. This can enhance your experience and show respect for their culture

The Arabic Language

Arabic, pivotal in the Middle East and North Africa, stands among the world’s most spoken languages, shaping global communication.

Variations of Arabic in Dubai

In Dubai, Arabic has variations based on the region. Syrian, Moroccan, Lebanese dialects, creating a linguistic kaleidoscope reflective of diverse influences.

What other languages do they speak in Dubai?

Apart from Arabic what languages do they speak in Dubai?

 Of Dubai’s 85% expat population, 71% hail from Asia, with India comprising over half. Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines contribute to the majority. Consequently, languages like Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, and Farsi are commonly spoken in the city. Mandarin is also becoming more popular in Dubai. Some schools now teach it, and places like Dubai Mall have signs in Mandarin.

Wide array of Languages

Various languages like Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Bengali, Malayalam, and more are spoken in Dubai apart from Arabic.

Foreign Residents

Among the 85% foreign residents in Dubai, 71% are from Asia, with a majority from India, and significant numbers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

Perks of knowing these languages in Dubai

If you know the above-mentioned languages, you can bargain well in the market because most of the merchants are from Indian subcontinent.

Indian Community in Dubai

Studies suggest the Indian community is Dubai’s largest, exceeding 2.5 million, showcasing their substantial presence and influence in the city.


Hindi resonates as the language of choice among Dubai’s Indian community, fostering a strong linguistic connection and cultural bond.

Other Indian Languages

Apart from Hindi, languages like Malayalam and Tamil are spoken among Dubai’s Indian community.

Urdu, the language of Pakistan

Many Pakistanis around 1 million are residents in Dubai and the language they speak is Urdu. Urdu is the official language of Pakistan.

Bengali language

Bengali, along with other Bangladeshi languages like Sylheti and Chittagong, is spoken by half a million immigrants in Dubai.

The English Language

Many residents and foreign nationals speak English fluently in Dubai, commonly used in workplaces, schools, and public spaces.

Official documents of Dubai are in which language?

Signs, menus, and official documents are commonly presented in both Arabic and English, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for diverse communities.

Common language for communication

Dubai’s widespread use of English simplifies communication, facilitating ease for speakers to navigate and interact seamlessly in the vibrant city.

The Filipino Community

The Filipino community in the city is substantial, comprising around 700,000 individuals, showcasing their significant presence in Dubai.

The Philippine Language

The Tagalog language, the Philippines’ official language, prevails among this minority in Dubai, with speakers of Cebuano and Ilocano as well.

Persian Language

Dubai’s Iranian community, totaling around 400,000, predominantly communicates in the Persian language, reflecting their cultural and linguistic ties.

The Chinese Community

Approximately 200,000 Chinese residents contribute to Dubai’s diverse landscape. They further add to the list of languages spoken In Dubai.

Languages spoken by the Chinese people in Dubai

Most Chinese residents in Dubai converse in Mandarin, while others communicate in Shanghainese and Cantonese, showcasing linguistic diversity within the community.

Languages of Minorities 

Beyond the discussed communities, Dubai hosts smaller linguistic minorities like Korean, Russian, Japanese, and German, contributing to its diverse cultural tapestry.

Is the English language spoken in Dubai?

In Dubai, most people speak English. Many expats understand it well, making it easy to get around. Signs, menus, and services are often in English too, so you can explore comfortably.

Official documents in Dubai are in which language?

Signs, menus, and official papers are often in both Arabic and English in Dubai, making sure everyone can understand and feel included.

Common language for communication

The common language for communication in Dubai is English. It widely makes it easier for people to communicate, helping them navigate and interact smoothly in the lively city.

Which languages do you need to know while working in Dubai?

Knowing Arabic is beneficial for working in Dubai since it’s the official language of the city and the country. Some companies may require it for business and customer communication. English is the dominant language in many sectors worldwide, including tourism, finance, IT, and entertainment. Proficiency in English is often required by companies for effective communication with colleagues and international clients.

What if someone is not fluent in Arabic or English?

Dubai welcomes visitors from all backgrounds, offering experiences tailored to diverse linguistic needs. They provide guides, articles, and recommendations in 24 languages such as Japanese and Spanish, ensuring everyone can enjoy the city’s attractions, regardless of their comfort level in English or Arabic

If you’re looking for employment in Dubai, you must know Arabic and English because these are the most spoken and understood by the majority.

Dubai offers tailored guides in multiple languages such as Spanish and Japanese. These manuals guide you on what to do, eat and see.

Yes With time Dubai has also developed slang words unique to the city.

The official language is Arabic.



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