Mona Kattan

Mona Kattan is the co-founder of Huda Beauty a popular cosmetics brand. Mona Kattan also started the Kayali brand and is the brain behind the amazing fragrances.



Mona Kattan is a successful businesswoman who’s made a big name for herself in the beauty and perfume world. 

When was she born?

Mona Kattan was born in Oklahoma in 1985 to parents from Iraq. When she was a teenager, her family moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Educational Background

She finished high school at the Sharjah American International School. After that, she went to the American University of Sharjah and got a degree in finance.

Mona and Huda Beauty

Even though Mona studied finance, she always loved makeup and perfumes. With her sisters, she started Huda Beauty, a makeup brand that became super popular for its cool products and for celebrating all kinds of beauty.

Mona and Huda Beauty

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Mona Kattan: The co-founder of Huda Beauty

Back in 2012, Mona Kattan and her sisters Huda and Alya joined forces to create something truly special: Huda Beauty.

The start of Huda Beauty

It all started when Huda, who was already a successful makeup artist and blogger, decided to make her line of fake eyelashes. With Mona’s business smarts and Huda’s creative talents, their brand took off like a rocket!

Internationally recognized

Their success story got noticed by Forbes, landing them the number one spot on the 40 Women Behind Middle Eastern Brands list in 2021, and number six in 2023. 

Mona is not only the Global President of Huda Beauty but also launched her brands under the company’s umbrella, showing off her entrepreneurial skills.

From lashes to a wide variety of products

Mona’s been there from the beginning, helping Huda turn her makeup dreams into reality. Together, they started selling their fake eyelashes at Sephora in 2013, and they sold out fast! 

Now, Huda Beauty is worth a whopping $1 billion, and they sell all kinds of products like body foundation and 3D highlighters in stores around the world.

Kayali Fragrances by Huda Beauty

In 2018, Huda Beauty introduced Kayali which means ‘my imagination’, with Mona designing a collection of four captivating scents. 

And now, they’ve introduced their latest fragrance, Déjà vu White Flower | 57, continuing their journey of enchanting the senses with unique fragrances. 

Mona Kattan often called the “perfume princess,” is the mastermind behind the fragrance brand Kayali.

For six years, she poured her heart into creating scents that reflect her Arab heritage, from the rich oud fragrances to the elegant packaging inspired by jewels.


The Reality Series: Huda Boss

Her love for scents was spotlighted in the reality series ‘Huda Boss,’ where she shared her perfume collection and the creative process behind making fragrances. 

Who is Mona Kattan’s Husband?

Mona’s love story with entrepreneur Hassan Elamin is as enchanting as her career success. They first met back in 2003 at university, and their journey together led to a beautiful bond that led to a luxurious wedding at Raffles The Palm in Dubai on 22.2.22. 

Who is Mona Kattan's Husband?

Hassan, a stylish and intelligent individual, holds a degree in Insurance and Risk Management from Bayes Business School in London. 

Starting his career as an account executive, he now serves as the Head of Facultative for the Middle East, Africa, and Türkiye at Aon Reinsurance Solutions. 

In addition to his professional endeavors, Hassan is also passionate about cryptocurrencies and occasionally shares his interests in fitness and fashion on Instagram, alongside lovely photos of himself and his wife, Mona. 

Mona Kattan: An Advocate for Self-love

Mona’s impact goes beyond her business ventures, she’s deeply committed to meaningful conversations and movements. 

Whether it’s promoting self-love or challenging unrealistic beauty standards, Mona approaches these discussions with authenticity and sincerity. 

She doesn’t shy away from addressing important issues and uses her platform to amplify marginalized voices. 

Her actions mirror the values of her businesses, and she remains steadfast in her advocacy efforts, even in the face of controversy or criticism. 

Bling Season 2

The first season of Dubai Bling showed the lives of famous people in Dubai like Farhana Bodi, Kris Fade, DJ Bliss, and others.

 Now, Mona is going to be part of the show too. They released a short teaser for the new season, which showed expensive shoes stepping out of fancy cars. 

The teaser ended with Lojain Omran, saying she was happy to be back. It looks like the new season will be just as exciting and glamorous as the first one.


How old is Mona Kattan?

Mona Kattan is 39 years old.

What is the net worth of Mona Kattan?

Mona Kattan’s net worth is estimated to be between $100 and $200 million.

What does Mona’s husband do?

Mona’s husband, Hassan, works in the insurance industry. Specifically, he holds the position of Head of Facultative MENA at Aon Reinsurance. 

Where does Mona Kattan live?

Mona Kattan’s Dubai villa, located on one of The Palm Jumeirah’s fronds, is described as colorful, artsy, and cheerful.

Which university did Mona Kattan go to?

Mona Kattan attended the American University of Sharjah for her university education.

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