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Founded by Reem Abou Samra, LALOGE Beauty Lounge is a renowned salon chain in Dubai offering premium beauty services. Since its establishment in 1994, LALOGE has expanded to multiple locations across Dubai, providing expert beauty treatments to both men and women.

LALOGE Background

Reem Abou Samra’s journey towards establishing LALOGE began with a passion for beauty and a vision to redefine the standards of the industry in Dubai. Drawing inspiration from her encounters at José Eber’s salon in Los Angeles, Reem set out to create a salon. Here individuals could indulge in top-notch beauty treatments in an environment exuding elegance and luxury.

Over the years, LALOGE has meticulously crafted its identity as a destination synonymous with opulence and refinement. Each salon embodies the essence of sophistication, with sumptuous interiors, exquisite decor, and a serene ambiance. With all this it envelops clients in a world of indulgence from the moment they step through the door.

LALOGE beauty salon


LALOGE Beauty Lounge has multiple locations in Dubai. Some of the addresses include:

  • The Address Downtown, Level 6, next to The Spa Unit No.: TAD-6F-LFR01, Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • M Floor, The Address Boulevard, Financial Center Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Dubai Jumeirah Road, Mandarin Oriental, Ground Floor.
  • Dubai Downtown, The Address Boulevard, Mezzanine Floor.
  • Dubai Downtown, The Address Sky View, 54th Floor.
  • Dubai Dubai Creek Harbour, Address Grand Creek Harbour.
  • Dubai Bluewaters Island, Caesars Palace, Ground Floor.

These locations offer a range of beauty and grooming services ensuring a luxurious experience for clients in various parts of Dubai.

Phone: +971 55 524 3692

Services Offered

At LALOGE Beauty Lounge, clients can indulge in a variety of luxurious beauty treatments, including:

Hair Treatments: From Brazilian Blowouts to caviar hair masks, LALOGE offers premium hair services to keep your locks looking their best.

Facials: Rejuvenate your skin with gold facials and other advanced facial treatments tailored to your skin’s needs.

Manicures and Pedicures: Treat yourself to a luxury spa manicure or pedicure for perfectly groomed hands and feet.

Bridal Touch Services: Get ready for your special day with bridal hair and makeup services designed to make you feel like a princess.

LALOGE beauty salon

The LALOGE Experience

Step into any LALOGE Beauty Lounge location and immerse yourself in a world of luxury and indulgence. Each salon features elegant decor, opulent interiors, and a team of expert beauty therapists dedicated to providing the highest level of service.

Reem Abou Samra: The Visionary Behind LALOGE

Reem Abou Samra is an accomplished entrepreneur, beauty guru, currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is best known as the founder of Laloge Beauty Salon.

Samra’s passion for beauty and her desire to create a luxurious and affordable experience for clients led her to establish Laloge in 1994, after visiting Jose Eber’s salon in Los Angeles during her travels. Since then, Laloge has expanded to five locations, offering a range of services for both women and men, including hair styling, facials, manicures, pedicures, and spa treatments, provided by expert beauty therapists, hair stylists, manicurists, qualified masseuses, pedicurists, and spa doctors.


Reem Abou Samra’s leadership for Laloge have earned her recognition as a leading lady in the beauty and wellness industry. Her commitment to providing top-notch services and creating a luxurious experience for clients has made Laloge a popular destination.

An Influencer

In addition to her work with Laloge, Reem Abou Samra is also a prominent Dubai influencer, known for her passion for beauty and luxury living. She has been featured in various publications, including Abouther, Love Happens Magazine, and Hotelier Middle East, and has been recognized as one of the top Dubai influencers in 2024 by Amra And Elma LLC.

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What are the most popular services at LALOGE Beauty Lounge?

The most popular services at LALOGE Beauty Lounge include the Brazilian Blowout treatment, gold facials, caviar hair masks, and luxury spa manicures and pedicures.

Who is the founder of LALOGE Beauty Lounge?

LALOGE Beauty Lounge was founded by Reem Abou Samra, an accomplished entrepreneur and beauty guru based in Dubai.

What sets LALOGE Beauty Lounge apart from other salons in Dubai?

LALOGE Beauty Lounge stands out for its luxurious setting with opulent interiors and exclusive VIP rooms. The salon also offers high-quality beauty products and grooming services delivered by expert staff who are passionate about their work.

Where are the locations of LALOGE Beauty Lounge in Dubai?

LALOGE Beauty Lounge has multiple locations across Dubai, including iconic destinations such as The Address Montgomerie, The Address Boulevard, Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah, and more.

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