A shot from Carolina Herrera’s collection show last year, with beautiful summer dresses stealing the show. (Image credits: Dubai Fashion Week website)

The Arab Fashion Show Dubai is very popular for the talents that you get to see in them. One of the most popular is The Dubai Fashion Week.

The latest Dubai Fashion Week was full of glamour and excitement, lighting up the city with its dazzling displays.

The Autumn/Winter 2024-’25 fashion week, happened from February 4 to February 8. This event was a big deal for fashion lovers in the region and promised to be an unforgettable experience.

The Dubai Fashion Week not only featured local designers like Dima Ayad and Bouguessa but also international names such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Moschino. This increased Dubai’s fashion status globally.

History of Dubai Fashion Week

The Arab Fashion Show Dubai: The Dubai Fashion Week was established by the Fashion Council (AFC) and Dubai Design District.

The objective of the Arab Fashion Council is to establish a strong fashion industry in MENA and to turn it into a leading player in global fashion.

Dubai Fashion Week, previously called Arab Fashion Week, started in 2015 to show off creative and innovative fashion from the region.

Arab Fashion Week has reached various milestones, hosting men’s fashion weeks, featuring curvy model runways, and attracting international celebrities from different backgrounds.

As a fashion hub in the region, Dubai aims to be the fifth fashion capital destination after Paris, Milan, London, and New York.

History of Dubai Fashion Week

The Growing Influence of Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai Fashion Week (DFW) was created by the Dubai Design District (d3) and the Arab Fashion Council and has become a big hit in the region.

Big names like Carolina Herrera and Rizman Ruzaini wowed audiences at the October edition of Dubai Fashion Week, where Naomi Campbell stole the show with her walk.

Many globally known brands and designers participate in the show and people worldwide come to see it including many celebrities.

The success of these events has made Dubai a Centre for creativity and fashion. It also allows the promotion of Arabic Fashion.

What was expected from Dubai Fashion Week 24-25?


Dubai Fashion Week 2024 is not just about showing off new styles. It’s also about being eco-friendly and socially responsible. They want to set new fashion rules that are good for the planet and also for the people.

Haute Couture re-introduced

Dubai once again proved to be a hub for Haute Couture and ready-to-wear in women’s fashion. We got to see the recent styles and designs.

The Arab Fashion Council (AFC) is leading the way with a cool idea called ‘Ready-Couture.’ It’s a new concept that’s changing how people think about luxury fashion. It’s so popular that it controls 70% of the luxury market! This shows how much influence the AFC has in the fashion world.

Introduction to the Modest Fashion Trend

For Dubai Fashion 2024, there was a focus on dressing stylishly yet conservatively, especially for the Middle East. Among the collections, there’s a noticeable trend towards modest wear, respecting cultural norms while still looking good.

Highlights of the Week


Choice celebrated its 25th anniversary with the stunning Flower Bloom collection on the runway. The show displayed feminine silhouettes made from luxurious fabrics like organza and silk and intricate sequin embroidery. The designs featured flowing volumes, cape skirts, fitted waists, and cropped jackets in vibrant colors like metallic white, silver, peony pink, and gold.


Riva launched its highly awaited Ramadan Collection 2024 on the second day. The collection showcased light, comfortable linen pieces paired with printed organza. Featuring a variety of outfits, from daily wear to elegant evening attire, Riva’s Ramadan collection embraced the month’s spirit with metallic hues and silver and gold embroideries.

The Dubai Fashion Week’s previous success

In past Dubai Fashion Week editions, the fashion industry’s current and upcoming trends took center stage. It brought together global and local buyers, media, and designers for a week of style brilliance. Memorable highlights included presentations by renowned designers like Carolina Herrera and iconic runway appearances by supermodel Naomi Campbell, who wore Rizman Ruzaini’s collection. These moments showcased Dubai’s growing influence in the fashion world.

Jacob Abrian is the CEO of Arab Fashion Week.

It is a fashion hub of the Middle East.


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