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Top brands in Dubai

Dubai, known for its opulence and luxury, is home to some of the world’s most prestigious brands. From high-end fashion houses to luxury automobile manufacturers, Dubai boasts a diverse array of top-tier brands that cater to affluent and fashion-forward consumers. In this article, we will delve into the top 10 brands in Dubai, shedding light on their influence, presence, and popularity in the city.

International Brands


One of the most iconic and coveted fashion brands in the world, Chanel has a strong presence in Dubai. With its flagship stores located in prominent shopping destinations such as The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, Chanel offers a range of timeless and elegant pieces that cater to Dubai’s discerning clientele.


As a symbol of luxury and prestige, Rolex has established itself as a leading brand in Dubai’s thriving luxury watch market. The brand’s exquisite timepieces are sought after by watch enthusiasts and collectors alike, with dedicated Rolex boutiques across the city showcasing their latest collections.

Brands in dubai


For automotive enthusiasts with a penchant for speed and sophistication, Ferrari stands as a symbol of automotive excellence in Dubai. The brand’s sleek and powerful sports cars are a common sight on the city’s streets, reflecting Dubai’s affinity for luxury automobiles.


With its distinctive Italian craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetic, Gucci has carved a niche for itself in Dubai’s fashion landscape. The brand’s flagship stores in The Dubai Mall and City Walk exemplify its popularity among fashion-forward individuals seeking luxury and style.


Rolls-Royce holds a prominent position in Dubai’s elite automotive market and is synonymous with unparalleled luxury and refinement. The brand’s bespoke motor cars cater to the city’s affluent clientele, with bespoke showrooms offering a personalized experience for discerning customers.

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Louis Vuitton

Renowned for its exquisite leather goods and iconic monogrammed designs, Louis Vuitton has a strong foothold in Dubai’s luxury retail sector. The brand’s opulent boutiques in prestigious locations such as The Galleria on Al Maryah Island showcase its timeless collections.


Exuding power, performance, and prestige, Lamborghini represents the epitome of supercar extravagance in Dubai. The brand’s sleek and aerodynamic vehicles captivate automotive enthusiasts, with dedicated showrooms and events catering to Dubai’s luxury car aficionados.


With its fusion of contemporary elegance and innovative design, Prada has garnered a dedicated following among Dubai’s fashion connoisseurs. The brand’s presence in The Dubai Mall and other upscale retail destinations reflects its allure to those seeking sophistication and style.


Exemplifying British craftsmanship and luxury, Bentley has solidified its position as a premier automotive brand in Dubai. The brand’s opulent showrooms and exclusive events showcase its range of handcrafted grand tourers, appealing to Dubai’s discerning clientele.


Celebrated for its impeccable craftsmanship and timeless allure, Hermès occupies a prominent place in Dubai’s luxury fashion scene. The brand’s flagship boutiques in The Dubai Mall and other upscale locations offer an array of coveted leather goods and accessories.

Local Clothing Brands

Nathalie Trad

Lebanese-born Nathalie Trad has captivated an international audience with her distinctive approach to fashion. Renowned for her architecturally influenced clutches, she seamlessly blends tradition with boundary-breaking aesthetics. With a large fanbase spanning the globe, Trad’s eponymous line continues to push the envelope of traditional design, attracting admirers who appreciate her unique vision.


BRANDS is a privately owned clothing store based in the United Arab Emirates. Their shops have become the fashion destination for men who seek high-quality clothing at affordable prices. Known for its elegant design aesthetic, BRANDS now has thirty outlets situated in upscale malls in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, offering their customers a variety of signature suits and a broad spectrum of fashion accessories.

brands in dubai

Rami Al Ali Couture

Established in Dubai in 2001, Rami Al Ali Couture has emerged as a beacon of opulence and sophistication in the fashion world. Collaborating with esteemed artists like architect Victor Udzenija, the brand’s bold designs have graced fashion shows across the Gulf, gaining widespread acclaim. From Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar, the brand’s presence in leading publications underscores its global influence and uncompromising commitment to couture excellence.

Nafsika Skourti

Nafsika Skourti is a driving force in the world of streetwear fashion, celebrated for her bold designs and fearless approach to feminist fashion. With collaborations that include Burberry’s Art of the Trench Project, Skourti’s clothing line has become synonymous with youthfulness and daring. Recognized as a regional trendsetter, her creations stand out as some of the most exciting to emerge from Dubai’s fashion scene.


Faiza Bouguessa is leading a revolutionary change in the fashion industry by transforming the traditional abaya into a symbol of modernity and style. Through innovative designs, vibrant colors, and hijab-friendly fashion, Bouguessa’s brand continues to garner international attention. With a focus on fine detailing and bold fabrics, her creations redefine traditional attire, making a bold statement in the global fashion landscape.


Reema Al Banna’s Reemami brand is more than just a fashion label—it’s a platform for empowerment and solidarity. Launched in 2009, Reemami’s quirky and daring designs convey powerful messages about female strength and resilience. With a strong feminist stance, each piece of clothing serves as a testament to the power of women, challenging societal norms and celebrating individuality.

In conclusion, Dubai serves as a playground for luxury brands seeking to captivate the discerning tastes of its affluent residents and visitors. The city’s vibrant retail landscape and penchant for extravagance have positioned it as a global hub for high-end fashion, luxury automobiles, and opulent lifestyle experiences. As Dubai continues to thrive as a haven for luxury enthusiasts, these top brands remain at the forefront of the city’s elite consumer market.


Q: Are these brands easily accessible to tourists visiting Dubai?

A: Yes, most of these brands have flagship stores in prominent shopping destinations that are easily accessible to tourists.

Q: Do these brands offer exclusive collections or products specific to their presence in Dubai?

A: Many of these brands curate exclusive collections or limited-edition products that cater to the preferences of Dubai’s affluent clientele.

Q: Are there any upcoming luxury brands making a mark in Dubai?

A: Dubai continues to attract emerging luxury brands seeking to establish their presence in the city’s thriving luxury market, offering an ever-evolving landscape of high-end offerings.

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