Rent wedding dresses in Dubai online. Comfort and elegance at a cheap price.

Rented Dresses becoming increasingly popular

Renting wedding dresses is gaining popularity for cost-effectiveness and sustainability, offering couples stylish options without compromising on their dream attire.

Save money, rent wedding dresses in Dubai

Save money on your wedding dress by choosing to rent. It’s a practical choice, as the dress is worn only once.

Rent wedding dress online

You can rent wedding dresses in Dubai online by sitting in the comforts of your home.

Alteration services

Some companies now offer alteration services for rented wedding dresses, ensuring the bride a perfect and personalized fit for her special day.

Designer 24

Designer-24 extends its reach with branches in Jordan, Lebanon, and the UAE, offering rental dresses for everyone.

Designer 24 ensuring everyone gets their dream dress

Founded to make high-end wedding dresses accessible to every bride, irrespective of budget, ensuring dreams come true without financial constraints.

D-24’s collaboration with fashion pros

They collaborate with international designers and renowned stylists to bring you the latest, stylish, and desirable looks of the season.

Which Fashion Designers do their collections include?

Explore their vast selection, featuring iconic names like Sandra Mansour, Elie Saab, and Oscar de la Renta for your perfect wedding look.

Something for every size and body type

From XS to XL, find your perfect fit with their diverse collection, ensuring every bride feels stunning and confident.

Rent an Oscar de la renta strapless lace gown on D-24

Rent an Oscar de la Renta strapless lace gown for Dh3,430, offering affordable elegance compared to its Dh16,425 retail price.

Rent Elie Saab gown

Rent the exquisite hand-embellished Elie Saab gown for a fraction of the price, Dh17,570 compared to the retail value of Dh367,280.

Get a complete look, Rent designer bags

Elevate your look with Designer-24, rent stylish bags to complete your ensemble for a stunning impact.

You can become a lender at D-24:

Join Designer-24 as a lender, sharing your exquisite wardrobe and earning while contributing to the community’s diverse fashion choices. 

Rent now at Designer 24:

Designer 24 has everything you need rent now at: Click Now designer-24

Hazar Haute couture

Explore elegance with Hazar Haute Couture, offering the option to rent, ensuring access to luxury fashion without the commitment of ownership.

Approximately 200 outfits for rent

Choose from Hazar Haute Couture’s impressive collection of 200 outfits for both rental and purchase, catering to diverse preferences.

Excellence since 1980

With a legacy since 1980, Hazar brings decades of experience, ensuring expertise and quality in the world of fashion.

Hazar Haute Couture, creating custom dresses

Hazar Haute Couture, crafting custom gowns since 1980, offers dream dresses made-to-order from Dh20,000, ensuring a unique experience.

Offering dresses for rent

Hazar Haute Couture lets you rent stunning outfits from just Dh5,000, making high-end fashion accessible and affordable for everyone.

Rent your wedding dress now at Hazar Haute Couture

Rent the perfect wedding dress at Hazar Fashion

Hazar Haute Couture, making outfits special

Hazar Haute Couture is famous for its stunning and romantic pieces, adorned with crystals and embellishments, making every outfit truly special.

What styles do they offer?

Choose your style at Hazar Haute Couture, offering fit-and-flare, mermaid, and ball gown options to suit your unique tast.

Find the perfect wedding dress style for you

You can explore wedding dress styles in Dubai

Dress boutique

Dress Boutique, Your one-stop shop for wedding elegance, offering both retail and rental options for stunning and affordable bridal dresses.

Dress Boutique offering altering options

Dress Boutique boasts a skilled team of seamstresses, ready to expertly alter any outfit, even those purchased elsewhere. Tailoring perfection.

Modifications in Dresses

The Dress Boutique excels in outfit modifications. Whether adding sleeves, embroidery, or lace, they transform dresses to match your vision.

Desi Bridals

Desi bridals showcase vibrant traditions, intricate embroidery, blending cultural richness into stunning outfits for memorable celebrations.

Where to buy Desi bridals in Dubai?

You can buy amazing bridal ensembles of some the most famous Pakistani designers on Sabrinaz Collections

There are exchange and refund policies.

You can get to try up to five outfits of your choice at your desired location. You only have to pay the delivery fee.

Yes! You can book an appointment for styling advice.

Keep in mind your size, designer, color and style of your preference to choose the perfect dress.

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