pak special restaurant satwa

The Pak Special Restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, is a popular dining spot known for serving Pakistani cuisine. It is described as a great place for casual dining, offering authentic Pakistani dishes. The restaurant caters to locals and visitors alike, providing a taste of traditional Pakistani flavors in a welcoming setting. With positive reviews and a diverse menu, Pak Special is a go-to destination for those looking to enjoy delicious Pakistani food in Satwa, Dubai.

Location of Pak Special Restaurant Satwa

Address: Al Rais 2 Building – 19 35th St – Al Jaffiliya – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 56 412 3762

Pak Special Restaurant Satwa

Nearest hotels around Pak Special Restaurant Satwa

Some of the best hotels in Al Satwa include Mercure Gold Hotel and other accommodations listed on platforms like These hotels provide convenient options for visitors looking to stay close to Pak Special restaurant while exploring the vibrant neighborhood of Al Satwa.

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Some popular landmarks near Pak Special restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, include The Carrefour on Satwa roundabout, this restaurant offers an authentic experience where you can enjoy dishes popular among local taxi drivers and RTA workers. It is situated near notable landmarks like Satwa Roundabout, Dhiyafa Road, Satwa Post Office, and Hudheiba, making it easily accessible within the area.

Additionally, Al Satwa is a vibrant neighborhood bordered by Jumeirah and Bur Dubai, making it a bustling area with diverse dining options and local attractions.

Popular Dishes

The most popular dishes at Pak Special Restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, include rich and flavorful curries, kadais, mutton tikka, BBQ Tikka, Kababs, and parathas. These dishes are highly recommended by visitors for their taste and quality, making them favorites among customers who dine at Pak Special Restaurant.

Breakfast Specialities

Based on the nature of Pakistani cuisine, typical breakfast options at such restaurants may include dishes like parathas, channa (chickpea curry), omelettes, halwa puri, and various types of bread with accompaniments like yogurt or tea. 

Pak Special Restaurant Satwa

Dinner Specialities

Pak Special restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, offers dinner specials that include a variety of authentic Pakistani dishes such as channa, paratha, special rice, keema naan, kadais, mutton tikka, BBQ tikka, and kababs. These dinner options provide a flavorful and diverse selection for diners looking to enjoy a satisfying meal at the restaurant.

Opening Hours 

The Pak Special restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, operates from 4:00 AM to 2:00 AM daily. This casual dining spot caters to hunger pangs until late hours, making it a convenient choice for those looking to enjoy Pakistani cuisine in Al Satwa.

Price Range

The price range of dishes at Pak Special restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, falls within the range of AED 60 to AED 400. This makes it a moderately priced dining option, offering a variety of Pakistani cuisine at different price points to cater to various preferences and budgets.

Ambience at Pak Special Restaurant In Satwa

The decor at Pak Special restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, is based on the casual dining nature of the restaurant and its focus on serving authentic Pakistani cuisine, it can be inferred that the decor is likely simple and functional, creating a comfortable environment for diners to enjoy their meals without elaborate embellishments.


1. What type of cuisine does Pak Special Restaurant in Satwa offer?

Answer: Pak Special Restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, offers a diverse range of cuisine including Indian, North Indian, Mughlai, Kebab, Biryani, Salad, Desserts, and Beverages.

2. Does Pak Special Restaurant in Satwa provide delivery services?

Answer: Yes, Pak Special Restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, offers delivery services for customers who prefer to enjoy their delicious dishes in the comfort of their own homes.

3. What are the operating hours of Pak Special Restaurant in Satwa?

Answer: The operating hours of Pak Special Restaurant in Satwa, Dubai, may vary, so it is recommended to check with the restaurant directly for their current opening and closing times.

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