is parking free in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is making parking easier for residents with improved methods. The real question is: Is parking free in Abu Dhabi?

Initially, parking in public areas of Abu Dhabi was free, but due to limited space, a paid parking system was introduced.

 Residents now need permits to park in public places. Mawaqif was introduced by transport authorities to manage the traffic flow.

How to pay for parking?

Paying for parking through machines is often the preferred method for many. You can use coins or a prepaid card bought from Mawaqif or the Department of Transport’s customer service centers.

Parking rules in Abu Dhabi

Mawaqif is a paid parking system. Parking is free in Abu Dhabi on Sundays and national holidays. Parking meters are installed across the city to allow easy access to parking spaces.

To park in Abu Dhabi you must follow these rules:

  • Visitors can park in areas marked with blue and white lines, paying AED 2 per hour for parking.
  • Residents with parking permits can use designated parking spaces between 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM at no extra cost.
  • Mawaqif, managed by the Integrated Transport Centre, oversees paid parking in Abu Dhabi, enforcing fines for violations. Payment methods include SMS.

Mawaqif, a paid parking system

In 2009, the Department of Transport introduced Mawaqif to enhance parking management in Abu Dhabi, aiming for world-class standards.

This initiative allowed vehicle owners to register and pay for parking tickets via mobile phones. Mawaqif was introduced to solve the issue of limited parking space.

Many people ask: is parking free in Abu Dhabi? Previously free parking areas like Al Muroor and Al Bateen in Abu Dhabi have now been converted into paid parking zones. This change was implemented to manage parking spaces better.

Residents in these areas are required to get parking permits to park their vehicles. These designated areas for residents can be easily identified using the Mawaqif system.

 To pay for parking in Abu Dhabi, individuals can obtain Mawaqif rechargeable cards, which are available for purchase at Mawaqif customer care centers for a minimum amount of AED 50.

How do I register at Mawaqif?

To register yourself for Mawaqif follow the following steps:

  • To register with Mawaqif, you can use your Etisalat or DU number and go to the “New User Registration” section.
  • Once registered, you’ll need to link your Mawaqif account to a valid credit card to top it up.
  • After topping up, you can use this amount to pay for Mawaqif services by sending an SMS in the following format: LINK <SPACE> CARD NO <SPACE> CVC to 3009.
  • It’s important to note that driver registration is mandatory to make payments using a mobile phone.

How do you recharge the Mawaqif account?

You can recharge your Mawaqif account through the following methods:

  1. Mawaqif website: Use your credit card to recharge your account online.
  2. Mawaqif customer service centers: Visit these centers to top up your account using cash or credit card.
  3. Self-service machines: Find machines offering Mawaqif services where you can top up using cash or credit card.
Parking Permits and their types

Parking permits in Abu Dhabi are issued based on residency status. Emiratis and expatriates are eligible for permits, with different fees depending on the number of vehicles.

For residents, the permit fee is Dh 800 for the first vehicle and Dh 1200 for the second vehicle.

Violations of parking rules, such as parking without a permit, result in fines. The fine is Dh 200 per violation, regardless of nationality.

Additionally, a penalty of Dh 100 is to be paid if you exceed the maximum parking duration.

There are two types of parking permits:

Residential Parking

Both residential property owners and tenants are eligible to apply for parking permits in Abu Dhabi. Permits can also be issued to family members living in the same household, including parents, spouses, siblings, and children.

Emirati families residing in villas are entitled to receive four free parking permits, or as per the inspection report conducted on the property.

Each permit is specific to one vehicle, and residents can obtain their permits from Mawaqif centers. The application process is straightforward and user-friendly.

To obtain a parking permit in Abu Dhabi, follow these simple steps:

1. Make the required payment: Ensure that you have sufficient credit in your Mawaqif account to cover the parking fee. For UAE Nationals, the service is free of charge, while Non-Emiratis are required to pay AED 2 per hour.

2. Get a parking permit from the Department: Once you have made the payment, you can request a parking permit by sending an SMS with the relevant details to 3009. The maximum permit duration is six hours.

It’s important to note that Abu Dhabi parking rules do not apply to visitors in villa areas until 2:00 am. After 2:00 am, visitors must obtain permission to park their vehicles.

Limited-term public parking

Limited-term parking permits in Abu Dhabi are available for residents, customers, individuals, and companies, offering convenient parking solutions for those in need. These permits apply to standard surface public parking spaces, excluding areas such as multi-story parking, parking lots for residents, premium parking, and others.

The charges for limited-term parking permits are as follows:

– 1 month: AED 391

– 3 months: AED 1174

– 6 months: AED 2348

– 1 year: AED 4695

To apply for a limited-term parking permit, visit the official website and navigate to the e-services section. Ensure that you provide the correct details and have the necessary documents ready, including your Emirates ID and vehicle registration information.

Documents required for resident permits

To get parking permits in Abu Dhabi, you need to make sure that you have the following documents:

1. Valid Passport

2. Valid Resident Visa

3. Vehicle Registration Card

4. Electricity bill

These documents are necessary for the application process and must be provided to obtain parking permits in Abu Dhabi.

Yes, there are various fines for not following the parking rules.

By visiting the official Abu Dhabi police website

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