how to get Canada visa from Dubai

Follow these steps to apply for a Canadian visa

  1. : Create an account at the immigration refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) site
  2. : Fill out the application form
  3. : collect the required documents
  4. : upload the properly scanned documents
  5. : Pay the fee for the application process
  6. : Visit your local visa application center
  7. : Provide your fingerprint and photo and collect the visa

Topics covered:

If you’re in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE and want to visit Canada for tourism or business, the process of getting a Canada visit visa might be confusing.

Our guide makes it easy. We explain everything from who’s eligible to common mistakes to avoid.

Whether you’re planning a trip for fun or work, our guide gives you clear steps to follow so you can get your visa without stress.

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Step 1: Make sure that you are Eligible

The first thing you need to do to get a Canada visit visa from Dubai is to check if you’re eligible. This means making sure you have a valid passport, enough money to cover your trip, connections to your home country, a clean record, and good health.

You also need to make sure your visit’s purpose and length fit what’s allowed for a visitor visa. If you are an employee, make sure that you get an OEC.

Step 2: Completing the Application Form and Gathering Documents

Next, you’ll need to gather all the documents and fill out the forms for your Canada visa application. This means completing the application for a temporary resident visa and gathering proof of financial support, like recent bank statements.

 If you’re visiting family or friends, you’ll need a letter of invitation from them.

Required Documents

Gather the following documents:

  1. A passport that’s valid for at least 6 months.
  2. A UAE visa is valid for 90 days.
  3. A copy of your Emirates ID.
  4. A copy of your bank statement for the past 6 months.
  5. An NOC (No Objection Certificate) letter from your employer, stating your salary, job title, joining date, and the purpose of your travel, addressed to the Canadian Embassy.
  6. If you’re a business owner or partner, include a copy of your trade license.
  7. Two recent photographs with a white background, sized 3.5*4.5 CM.
  8. Proof of hotel and flight bookings.
  9. An invitation letter if someone in Canada has invited you.

Step 3: Complete Biometric and medical exam

The third step is to complete your biometrics and, if necessary, a medical exam for your Canada visa application.

This involves visiting an approved clinic to provide fingerprints and have your photo taken to verify your identity.

You might also need to undergo an immigration medical exam by an authorized physician to ensure you meet health standards.

Step 4: Submit the Application

Once you’ve gathered all your application forms, documents, biometrics, and medical checks, it’s time to submit your complete Canada visa application package.

You can do this by mailing paper forms to the visa office or by submitting an online e-application through the official government portal.

Make sure to include the application processing fee payment.

After submission, you’ll receive an acknowledgment confirming that the visa office has received your application, starting the assessment process.

Step 5: Fulfill Additional Requirements

It’s common for Canada visa officers to ask for more information after reviewing an application. They might request additional proof of funds, a detailed travel itinerary, or documents to confirm family relationships or employment status.

It’s important to respond quickly and fully to any such requests instead of ignoring or refusing them. Providing additional information can clarify points and help prevent a rejected application.

Failure to provide the requested information may lead officers to doubt your visa eligibility and refuse your application.

Step 6: Check the Status of the application online

After submitting your visa application, you can check the status online on the Government of Canada’s website. You’ll need the application number provided at submission.

 The online tool will indicate the stage your application is at, such as whether it’s still processing, if additional information is required, if a decision has been made, or if your passport is ready for pick-up.

Step 7: Collect the Visa

Once you receive confirmation that your Canada visitor visa has been approved, you’ll receive a notification from the Visa Application Center in Dubai stating that your passport is ready for pick-up. You’ll need to visit the center in person and present your claim slip along with a valid photo ID to collect your passport.

This is the final step in the process, and once you have your passport, you’re all set to travel to Canada!


How long is the Canadian visa application process?

The Canadian visa application process in the UAE typically takes around 6 weeks for the Canadian Embassy to issue a visa.

What is the fee for a Canada visa application?

The fee to apply for a visa to Canada is AED 1075

What is the bank balance required to get a visa to Canada?

There is no minimum bank balance requirement for Canadian visa applicants in the UAE. However, applicants are required to pay the application fee.

What is the cost of a Dubai visa from Canada in Canadian Dollars?

The cost for a Dubai visa from Canada is 370 Canadian dollars.

What is the quickest visa to Canada?

Express Entry is Canada’s premier immigration program, renowned for its speed and popularity. Through Express Entry, skilled workers can apply to immigrate to Canada, with the process designed to be efficient and streamlined.

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