To close your ADCB account online contact their customer service via phone or email.

For account closure: 

1) Fill account closure form 

2) Attach KYC documents 

3) Return Cheque leaves

 4) Withdraw balance


Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank also known as ADCB is one of the top banks in the UAE.

 ADCB offers everything you need for your financial journey. Whether it’s everyday banking with their retail services, getting a loan, or managing your wealth.

Trusted by many, ADCB stands as the third-largest bank in the UAE, ensuring you’re in good hands for all your banking needs.

People usually find a need to cancel their du postpaid plans and in the same way, there can often be certain reasons due to which you have to close your bank account.

In this blog, we will tell you how to close an ADCB account.

Why close a Bank account?

Here are some common reasons why people may find the need to close their accounts:

Poor Customer Service:

Unsatisfactory interactions with bank staff or difficulty in resolving issues can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.

High fees:

High fees for transactions, account maintenance, or insufficient balance can drain finances and become a burden, motivating account holders to switch to more cost-effective banking options.


 Moving to a new city or country where the current bank doesn’t have branches nearby can be inconvenient for the account holders.

Financial Constraints:

Changes in financial position, such as loss of income or unexpected expenses, may cause closing an account to minimize costs and better manage finances.

Identity Theft Concerns: 

Fraud or security breaches may reduce trust in the bank’s security measures, causing people to close accounts as a precautionary measure to protect their financial information.

How to Close the ADCB Account?

To close your ADCB account, follow the given steps:

1: Filling the Form for Account Closure

  1. Download or Visit: Get the account closure form either by downloading it from the bank’s website or visiting your home branch.
  2. Fill it Up: Complete the form accurately with all required information.
  3. Sign it: After filling up the form, sign it at the designated space.
  4. Submit to Branch: Hand over the filled and signed form to the branch manager or officer-in-charge.
  5. Joint Account Holders: If there are any joint account holders, ensure all of them sign the closure form.

2: Attach Know Your Customer (KYC) Documents

  1. Get Copies: Make copies of your PAN card for each account holder.
  2. Attach Copies: Clip these copies to the account closure form.
  3. Sign (if needed): If asked, sign each copy of your PAN card.
  4. Submit Hand in the completed form with attached PAN copies to the branch manager.

3: Return Cheque leaves and other items

  1. Gather Items: Collect any unused cheque leaves, your debit card, and your passbook.
  2. Hand over Items: Surrender these items to the bank along with your account closure application.
  3. Processing: Your account closure request will only be processed after you’ve returned all required items.

4: Withdraw Balance

  1. Document Verification: The banker checks the documents you submitted.
  2. Withdraw Balance: You’re asked to withdraw any remaining money from your account if all documents are correct.
  3. Account Closure Processing: Once the balance is withdrawn, your account closure request is processed.

When closing your account, you have options to withdraw the balance: in cash, through a cheque/DD, or by transferring it to another account. Choose what works best for you, and the bank will ensure a smooth closure process.

How to close an ADCB account online?

Closing your ADCB account while abroad is made simple with these steps:

  1. Contact ADCB: Reach out to ADCB’s customer service by phone or email to start the process.
  2. Fill Forms: ADCB will send you the necessary account closure forms. Fill them out accurately.
  3. Submit Documents: If needed, provide additional documents like passport copies or visa cancellation.
  4. Clear Balances: Make sure all outstanding balances, including loans and fees, are settled.
  5. Transfer Funds: Move any remaining funds to your foreign bank account as instructed by ADCB.
  6. Confirmation: Once ADCB processes your request, you’ll receive confirmation of your account closure.
Important points to note when closing an ADCB account online from abroad

Protect Passwords:

Never disclose passwords in your account closure request as they are not relevant to the process.

Obtain Confirmation:

 Ensure you receive official confirmation from the bank stating that your account has been closed. This document may be useful for future reference.

Settle Debts:

Before closing the account, clear all outstanding debts and obtain formal confirmation of debt satisfaction.

Destroy Cards and Cheques:

 Even though your debit cards and chequebooks will be deactivated, it’s wise to destroy them to prevent misuse.

Include ID Copy:

Attach a copy of your identification along with the account closure request for verification purposes.

Important points to keep in mind when closing ADCB account 

Visit Original Branch:

Go to the branch where you opened your account to close it.

Consider Future Needs:

 Only close the account if you won’t need it later, as re-opening closed accounts is usually not possible.

Save Bank Statement:

Keep a digital or printed copy of your full bank statement from the beginning to the closing date for future reference.

Cancel Automatic Payments:

 Ensure to cancel any automated payment instructions linked to the account.

Clear Pending Dues:

Pay off any outstanding dues or charges before closing the account.

Yes, you can close your ADCB account even if you are outside the UAE by contacting ADCB’s customer service via phone or email.

While some banks and credit unions do not charge a fee to close an account, others may impose a fee ranging from $5 to $50 for customers who close their account within a few months of opening it.

When permanently leaving the UAE, it’s essential to clear any outstanding dues and consider closing your bank account.

Yes, you can use your ADCB Chip and PIN Debit Card internationally for purchases and cash withdrawals.

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