To check overstay fines:

Visit the GDRFA website or visit ICP website

To pay fine:

Visit the ICA website


·        Recent updates on overstay fines

·        How much is an Overstay Fine?

·        How to check Overstay Fine?

·        How to pay the Overstay Fine?

·        Overstay Fine Waiver

If you’re in the UAE or planning a visit, it’s important to know about visa overstay fines. 

The UAE imposes fines on individuals who overstay their visas. This article will guide you on how to check overstay fines and what steps you can take to pay them. 

Stay informed to avoid any complications during your stay in the UAE because this might lead to a travel ban.

Recent updates on overstay fines

The UAE government has introduced a new rule for tourists visiting Dubai on a visit visa.

 They won’t have a grace period after their visa expires. Tourists must leave before the end date stated on their visa. 

Failure to do so will result in an overstay fine that must be paid before they can get permission to exit the country.

How much is an Overstay Fine?

After your UAE visa has expired and your given grace period is over, you will be required to pay your overstay fine as per the number of days. 

The cost of the overstay fine is AED 50 per day.

This also applies to visa cancelations. The UAE government will provide you with a grace period of six months until you leave the country or apply for another visa.

Furthermore, visa overstayers will also need to obtain a Dubai/UAE outpass on top of the overstay fine. 

The outpass is essentially an exit permit allowing holders to leave the UAE, which costs up to AED 300.

How to check Overstay Fine?

There are two methods to check overstay fines.

Method 1: GDRFA Website

1. Go to the GDRFA website.

2. Choose your file type from the dropdown menu

3. Select “resident” if you have a residence visa.

4. Choose “permit” if you have a visit or tourist visa.

5. Enter the required information as requested.

6. Solve the simple math problem for captcha verification.

7. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

8. You’ll be able to see the details of your overstay fine.

Method 2: ICP Website

1. Visit the ICP website.

2. Select ‘Public Services.’


4. Fill in all the necessary information as asked.

5. Check the captcha box and click on ‘Search.’

6.      Your due overstay fine details should be displayed.

To find out how to check traffic fines click here.

How to pay the Overstay Fine?

To pay your overstay fine online through the ICA website, follow these steps:

1. Visit the ICA website.

2. Click on the virtual assistant icon located on the bottom right side of your screen.

3. Select ‘Apply for Services’ from the list of services provided.

4. Choose ‘Pay Fine’ or simply type the service number.

5. Enter your unified number.

6. Enter your date of birth in the format: MM/DD/YYYY.

7. The details of your violation and fines will be displayed, along with a link to pay the fine (if any). Click on the link to proceed.

8. You’ll be redirected to the service submission screen. Review the information and click ‘Next.’

9. Click on ‘Pay’ to complete the payment process.

10.  If the payment is successful, you’ll receive a notification from the ICA along with your transaction number.

Overstay Fine Waiver

Visa holders who stay in the UAE beyond their permitted duration without extending their visa or leaving within the grace period may face fines from the UAE Government.

 However, those who unintentionally overstay due to unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances can take specific steps to request a review of their situation by the UAE Government.

Mandatory documents required

To process the application for reducing fines, you’ll need the following documents:

To process the fine-reducing application, gather these documents:

1. Sponsor’s Emirates ID and a copy of their passport visa.

2. Applicant’s passport and visa.

3. Copy of the visa indicating fines (file number).

4. Newly approved e-visa if changing status.

5. Cancellation paper if leaving the UAE.

6. Letter of Exemption or NOC/Petition letter (in Arabic) seeking a fine reduction.

7. UID number from GDRFA for newborns if applying for a fine reduction.

Supporting documents required

Legal Causes

1. A letter from the applicant’s sponsor company.

2. If the passport is held or confiscated, a letter from the court or police to the relevant authorities is required.

Health causes

1. A petition letter from the Company, Sponsor, or Applicant.

2. A medical report in Arabic issued by the Health Authority or Health Ministry, listing the entry and exit dates from the hospital.

How to check and pay your UAE overstay fine

To clear your overstay fine, you can apply for a fine reduction at the Immigration Center (Amer Center), as overstay fines cannot be waived but may be reduced based on your circumstances.

To check overstay fines in the UAE, you can access either the GDRFA website or the ICP website.

To check your UAE passport number for any travel bans, you can visit the nearest police station and request the police officials to verify the travel ban status.

To remove a lifetime ban in the UAE, you need to address any outstanding issues with the relevant authorities and obtain a clearance certificate.

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