Fashion Parking Dubai Mall

Fashion Parking Dubai Mall offers its visitors an easy and hassle-free shopping experience.

Dubai, a shopping Hub

Dubai is a top shopping destination with fantastic malls offering a variety of shops, brands, and entertainment. 

The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is huge and popular worldwide. Loads of people visit it every year because it’s one of the largest malls.

Apart from large number of shops, this mall contains the Dubai Aquarium, an underwater zoo, and many more exciting entertainment destinations.

Fashion Parking Dubai Mall

Fashion Parking at Dubai Mall is a designated parking zone tailored for fashion enthusiasts, offering convenient access to a wide array of leading local and international fashion brands. With over 2,500 parking slots, this zone caters to visitors focused on high-end fashion and designer labels, providing easy access to luxury stores like Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, and many more.

fashion parking dubai mall

Considering the issues of parking faced by many people at malls, Dubai Mall introduced a parking solution.

Fashion Parking Dubai Mall makes shopping easy! Shoppers in the Fashion District enjoy a convenient and stress-free parking experience.

Providing easy access to the heart of the mall

The parking spot is in a smart place, making it simple to reach the center of the mall quickly and easily.

Fashion Parking at Dubai Mall is not just handy, it’s a portal to a smooth and fancy shopping adventure.

No Long walks and complex maps!

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No Long walks and complex maps

What is Fashion Avenue?

Fashion Avenue is a part of the mall which has all of the luxury fashion brands and designers.

The fashion parking allows you to visit Fashion Avenue as soon as you step out of your car.

Adjacent to Fashion Avenue

Close to the famous Fashion Avenue, the Fashion Avenue Parking at Dubai Mall is smartly designed for easy customer access.

Location of the parking

Fashion Parking at Dubai Mall is right by the main entrance, making it easy to reach from the main road. 

It is specifically designed for the visitors who come to shop at the fashion stores.

Advantages of using Fashion Parking Dubai Mall

Some of the major advantages of the Fashion Parking Dubai Mall are:

  • Using the parking allows close access to the main attractions of Dubai Mall.
  • It is convenient for people who are on a tight schedule.

Ensuring security and safety

Security and safety are the priority at this fashion parking.

Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue Car Park has top-notch security to keep your vehicle safe as you explore the mall’s many attractions.

Equipped with smart technology

Dubai Mall’s parking is super modern! They have smart technology like automatic ticketing systems to make parking hassle-free and quick.

It is also equipped with smart payment options and real-time parking information making it easier to find a parking spot.

Well-maintained and Personnel

Dubai Mall’s parking is well-lit and kept clean! They take good care of it to make sure it’s well maintained.

The parking also has friendly staff, making it a stress-free area for visitors.

Beyond Fashion stores

Apart from easier access to Famous fashion designers, the parking allows you to access gourmet dining options and various entertainment experiences.

 Various Amenities

The parking has various amenities like electric vehicle charging stations and car wash services for your convenience.

You can easily find taxis and use public transport, making it a complete solution for visitors.

A shuttle service

The mall has a shuttle that comes every 15 minutes, taking you between your parking spot and the mall entrance.

This service greatly benefits the people who have a lot of shopping bags with them.

Height restriction at fashion parking

Dubai Mall has a height limit for parking. If your vehicle is taller than 2.2 meters, you have to use other parking areas inside the mall.

Yes, the Dubai Mall also offers parking for the disabled nearer to the entrance of the mall.

Apart from standard parking, the additional services include carwash, electric vehicle charging stations, and valet.

The mall contains over 1400 parking spaces.

Overnight parking is not allowed.


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