Renting a car in Dubai can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you are asked to put down a deposit. However, for travelers on a budget, there are ways to rent an affordable car without needing to pay a deposit upfront. This article outlines strategies and rental companies that offer cheap rentals in Dubai with no deposit required.

Overview of Rental Cars in Dubai

Dubai is filled with luxury cars and expensive rental agencies located right at the airports and main hotels. While convenient, these spots charge premium prices that may not fit many travelers’ budgets. The good news is there are more affordable options available if you know where to look and are flexible on vehicle types.

Top 5 Cheapest Rent-a-Car Companies in Dubai Without Deposit

Top 5 Cheapest Rent-a-Car Companies in Dubai Without Deposit

1 4maticrental

  1. 4Matic Car Rental offers an easy online booking system with flexible rental periods for 4MATIC vehicles
  2. You can find more information and updates on 4matic Car Rental on their Instagram and Facebook profiles. Instagram


  • Low base rates
  • Unlimited mileage on some vehicles
  • Free airport delivery and collection


  • Limited availability
  • Few protections included
  • Cannot take vehicles into Oman

2. Economy Rent a Car

1. Economy Rent a Car


  • One of the lowest base rental rates
  • Convenient car pickup locations
  • Wide selection of vehicles


  • Minimal inclusion of insurances
  • Older car models
  • Mileage limits are only 100km per day

3. Udrive



  • Low rates with unlimited mileage
  • Free cancellation
  • Newer vehicles


  • Limited pickup locations
  • Few vehicle options
  • No collision insurance included

4. RentalcarsUAE



  • Price match guarantee
  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before
  • Unlimited mileage by default


  • sparse vehicle availability
  • No additional protections offered
  • Higher rates during peak seasons

5. eCarz



  • One of the cheapest rental rates
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Free additional driver


  • Limited pickup locations
  • No collision damage waiver
  • Credit card deposit required

Tips for Renting a Car Without Deposit

Book Early

Get the best rates and ensure availability by booking your rental car as early as possible. Last minute rentals typically cost more.

Read Reviews

Check reputable sites like TrustPilot for renter reviews before choosing a company. This can reveal potential hidden fees or other useful information.

Consider Hidden Fees

Watch out for extra charges like location surcharges, premium location fees, or mandatory insurances that increase the total rental cost.

Check for Special Deals

Sign up for rental company newsletters for promotions and coupons for cheaper car rentals or free upgrades.

Costs of Renting a Car in Dubai

Standard rental rates run from $30-$100 USD per day for basic sedan models. Expect prices to rise significantly for newer vehicles or luxury brands. There are often also fees for additional drivers, GPS rental, infant car seats, etc. that can add up quickly.

Rental Deposits

Many agencies require security deposits upon pickup, charging $500-$3000+ as a guarantee against damages. For budget travelers, covering a deposit can be very difficult upfront, preventing the ability to rent affordably.  

Finding Affordable Rentals

Luckily, you can save substantially on rental costs by utilizing the following tips:

Comparison Shopping

Search aggregate comparison sites like that search major brands and local companies for the best available rates. Prepaying ahead of time online also tends to be cheaper than walk-in rates. 

Avoiding the Airport

Opting for neighborhood rental spots instead of airport locations cuts out hefty taxes and fees that can inflate daily charges. Just be sure to factor in transportation costs to/from the rental office. 

Renting Older Models

Agreeing to an older vehicle model with some cosmetic wear & tear allows certain companies to rent out cars they plan to cycle out of service soon. In exchange, they offer discounted daily rates to get some last revenue.

Leasing Instead of Daily Rentals

For longer-term rentals of 1 week+, consider whether a monthly lease may cost less overall than paying daily fees the entire period. Just be aware of mileage restrictions on some lease contracts.

Companies Offering No Deposit Rentals

The following rental providers are good options to check for affordable pricing with no deposit requirements:


One of the pioneering no deposit car rental companies in Dubai, Udrive has a website where you can easily view available inventory with no hidden charges or commitments needed.

Drive and Go

Specializing in last-minute rentals, Drive and Go lets you search current offerings and directly book vehicles online without any security deposit due during pickup. 

Quick Lease

Quick Lease maintains a continually refreshed lineup of over 1000 cars available for short and long-term rental with no deposit needed from customers.  

Rent a Bomb

Living up to their unique company name, Rent a Bomb provides older but mechanically sound used vehicles for budget rates. No deposit is charged at the branch locations across Dubai.

Insurance Considerations

When renting a car without a deposit, it’s highly recommended you consider the following supplementary insurances:

Third Party Liability

This covers any bodily harm or property damage inflicted on external parties in an at-fault accident. It’s mandatory in Dubai with fines for non-compliance. Some companies include basic coverage or offer add-ons.

Collision Damage Waiver

Since your credit card or cash is not held as a guarantee against vehicle damage, consider whether to purchase additional collision coverage above the minimum legally required policy.

Final Tips for Renting Cheaply

Use these last-minute tricks to keep rental costs at rock bottom:  

Booking in Advance

Give yourself the flexibility to comparison shop rates by booking at least a few weeks before pickup when possible. Last-minute walk-ins typically have fewer choices and higher fares.  

Bundling Services

See if the rental provider includes free add-ons like GPS, child seats, additional drivers etc. for booking during special sales and promotional periods. 

Extending if Needed

Once you have the car, check if extending the rental days costs less than returning and starting a new contract. Rebooking fees can often be avoided with a simple extension for longer rentals.

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Renting an affordable car without an expensive deposit is certainly feasible for budget travelers in Dubai. Following the advice in this article will allow you to secure cheap rates, avoid hidden fees, understand insurance needs, and maximize savings with both major brands as well as local rental companies across the region. Being a savvy shopper goes a long way towards keeping your wallet happy!

Yes, most companies accept full prepayment online by credit card without requiring any deposit during pickup

At minimum, third party liability insurance is mandatory in Dubai although Collision Damage Waiver is highly recommended without a security deposit to fall back on

Ideally 2-4 weeks ahead of pickup if possible. Last minute bookings will have fewer choices and likely higher rates

Most companies allow rentals to be extended directly without requiring the car to be returned and rebooked. Extending may be cheaper than starting over contract-wise.


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