There are no restrictions on women driving in Dubai. Women have recently been allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, the UAE’s neighbor. Before this, Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world that did not allow women to drive. Read our guide to driving in Dubai for more information

We will cover these topics in this blog

  1. Good news for women who know how to drive
  2. Ban on the driving of women
  3. Can nonresidents drive in Dubai?
  4. Which side of the road to drive on?
  5. Speed Limits on Residential Roads
  6. When is traffic heavy in Dubai?
  7. Importance of Road signs while driving in Dubai

Dubai’s hot sun encourages many to opt for air-conditioned cars. With widespread attractions, driving ensures convenient access to amenities and destinations.

Why you might need to drive in Dubai?

Why not opt for Public Transport?

Public transport exists, but it can be slow. With low fuel prices, driving is a popular, efficient choice for commuting in Dubai.

Can women drive in Dubai? A fair question

Can women drive in Dubai is indeed a valid question, considering certain conservative cultural practices observed in the United Arab Emirates.

Good news for women who know how to drive

Women are allowed to drive in Dubai as long as they follow the laws and regulations of the city.

Licensed Drivers in Dubai

More than 20% of licensed drivers are women in Dubai reflecting a progressive shift in gender dynamics and driving norms.

Ban on the driving of women

Until June 2018, women in Dubai were prohibited from driving. A significant milestone was reached when the UAE lifted the ban.

Women only Taxis

Women can freely drive in Dubai, with the city even providing women-only taxis operated by female drivers, ensuring comfort and safety.

Can nonresidents drive in Dubai?

Non-residents can drive in Dubai with an international driving license, facilitating exploration and mobility for visitors in the city.

Local Driving License

Once your residence permit is issued, you can proceed to apply for a local driving license in Dubai, ensuring legal compliance.

Transferring License to UAE License

People from a list of specified countries can transfer their license to the UAE license. The list can be found online.

Safe driving experience in Dubai

For women driving in Dubai, it’s crucial learn the roads and traffic rules. Driving can be hectic, so understanding local conditions is essential for a safe experience.

Women’s Driving Schools

Considering a women’s driving school is wise. Specialized programs can impart defensive driving skills tailored for Dubai’s unique road conditions.

Which side of the road to drive on?

In Dubai, vehicles have the steering wheel on the left, and they drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Varying Speed Limits in Dubai

Dubai’s speed limits vary based on road classification and size, aligning with the global practice of tailoring limits to road types.

Speed Limits on Residential Roads

Residential road speed limits in Dubai typically range between 25-40 km/h (15-25 mph), prioritizing safety in local neighborhoods.

Speed limits of Dubai’s Highways

Dubai features some of the world’s highest speed limits. The Abu Dhabi-Al Ain (E22) and Sheikh Zayed (E11) highways permit speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph).

Driving age in Dubai

To drive in Dubai you must be 18 years old.

Age to rent a vehicle in Dubai

If you want to rent a vehicle to drive in Dubai you must be at least 21 years of age.

New to the roads of Dubai? 

For first-time drivers in Dubai, consider starting on a Friday morning when roads are relatively quiet, providing a smoother introduction.

When is traffic heavy in Dubai?

Traffic tends to be heavy in popular areas of town during evenings and weekends, so plan accordingly for smoother travel experiences.

Hand Gestures while driving

Avoid using offensive hand gestures towards other drivers in Dubai, as its considered offensive and can lead to trouble with the police.

Drunk Driving

It is illegal to drive in Dubai intoxicated. Regardless of the amount of alcohol consumed.

Punishment for drunk driving

Even if you believe you’re sober enough to drive, refrain from doing so to avoid potential imprisonment and adhere to local regulations.

Importance of Road signs while driving in Dubai

Familiarize yourself with road signs in Dubai for safe driving, ensuring a clear understanding of traffic rules and directions.

Traffic signs

Blue signs on the roads of Dubai show mandatory instructions. If you see a circular sign with red outline those are the actions you must refrain from doing.

Warning Signs

Look out for warning signs while driving in Dubai. These signs are triangular with red outlines.

Language of the Traffic signs in Dubai

Road signs in Dubai are displayed in both English and Arabic, ensuring comprehension for a diverse community of residents and visitors.

Yes there are female taxi drivers in Dubai.

To book a female driver contact the Dubai taxi corporation call center.

The pink taxis mean that they are driven by women to carry only females and families.


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