Price of Bulgari Serpenti Necklaces

Bulgari serpenti necklace price

Bulgari Serpenti necklace prices in AED range from several thousand to tens of thousands, depending on design and materials.

Luxurious Jewelry Craftsmanship

Bulgari serpenti necklace price. Bulgari is really fancy and classy jewelry, known for its rich and luxurious look, representing high-quality craftsmanship.

Precious Metal Craft with Gemstone 

The serpent motif, finely made in precious metals and adorned with gemstones, radiates unique charm and bold beauty.

Style Icon for Fashion Enthusiasts and Collectors

Fashion Icon, Symbolizing Style, Embraced by Enthusiasts and Collectors for its Distinctive Appeal and Timeless Allure.

Bulgari Serpenti Necklace Pricing Factors

The cost of the Bulgari Serpenti Necklace in Dubai changes depending on different factors.

Exquisite Materials

Material selection is crucial, influencing the quality and aesthetic of the product, defining its characteristics and overall appeal.

Quality of gemstone

Gemstone quality plays a vital role, elevating the jewelry’s charm and value through their presence, enhancing overall appeal and beauty.

Unique Designs

The final cost is influenced by material choice, gemstone quality, and design intricacy, reflecting craftsmanship and contributing to overall pricing.

Trends and Exclusivity

Global market trends and limited edition exclusivity impact the Serpenti Necklace price in the luxury market, reflecting fluctuations and demand.

Serpenti Viper Necklace

Elegant 18kt white gold with full pave diamonds, priced at 702,489.11 AED, exuding luxury and sophistication.

Serpenti Necklace

Serpenti Viper Necklace, 18kt rose gold, adorned with fancy rubies. Priced at AED 20,074.06, blending elegance and luxury in exquisite design.

Serpenti Viper, Chinese New Year Edition

Chinese New Year Special Serpenti Viper pendant in 18kt rose gold, a hypnotic design symbolizing metamorphosis, blending geometric flair, sinuosity, and festive rubies.

Serpenti necklace elegance

Bulgari’s Serpenti Necklace showcases excellence with the finest materials, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and luxurious design.

18k Gold or Platinum

Crafted in 18k gold or platinum, the necklace exemplifies the brand’s commitment to luxury and excellence, showcasing superior craftsmanship.

Precious metal options

Customers can personalize their purchase by choosing from various precious metals, including rose gold, providing a tailored touch to their selection.

Gemstone Enhancement

Gemstones, including diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, enhance the necklace’s charm, contributing to its overall appeal with unique beauty and style.

Impact on Necklace Price

Gemstone size, cut, and quality are pivotal factors in determining the necklace’s overall price, influencing its value and desirability.

Limited Editions

Limited editions with rare gemstone combinations bring extra exclusivity, influencing the necklace’s cost and appealing to collectors and enthusiasts.

Careful Crafting

Crafting the Serpenti Necklace is a detailed process, demanding careful skill and precision to achieve its intricate design.

Expertise and Time 

Bulgari’s skilled artists spend a lot of time and expertise creating the serpent’s scales, making sure the design looks smooth and flowing.

Labor affects the cost

Intensive labor in crafting contributes to the necklace’s cost, emphasizing its status as a wearable work of art.

Bulgari Serpenti symbolizes timeless meanings of wisdom, rebirth, and vitality. This motif, present for thousands of years, reflects a historical connection with the snake as a powerful and symbolic creature.

The first Bulgari Serpenti is attributed to either Giorgio or Constantino Bulgari, sons of the founder, who, in 1948, ingeniously incorporated a watch into a flexible Tubogas metal link bracelet.

Yes, a diamond necklace is much more expensive than a gold one. Diamonds, being the brightest and strongest precious stones, are highly valued, and their timeless allure makes them coveted by many.

Investing in diamonds is considered by some as offering good returns, with steady price appreciation in recent years. However, like any investment, diamonds come with their own set of pros and cons.

Yes, necklaces can include chains, which are an integral part of the design. A necklace is a complete jewelry piece worn around the neck, often comprising a chain with added elements like pendants or gemstones

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