Top 5 Brands in Dubai for T-shirts
Top 5 Brands in Dubai for T-shirts

Branded T-shirts in Dubai

Branded t-shirts in Dubai. Dubai’s fashion scene flaunts branded T-shirts, a trendy choice that complements the city’s style.

Dubai’s affection

Dubai’s love for luxury brands extends to high-end fashion, with a special fondness for the sophistication of branded clothing.

Brands in Dubai

Here are the top 5 branded t-shirts in Dubai:


Nike, a well-known brand in Dubai, is popular for sportswear. Their T-shirts showcase innovative designs and high-quality materials.

Pioneering Fashion and Technology

Nike is famous for its innovative styles and advanced technology in sportswear, setting trends with groundbreaking designs.

Nike men’s fitness T-shirt

Men’s Fitness T-Shirt, crafted with a relaxed fit and soft cotton, pays homage to Bo Jackson with vintage-inspired workout graphics.

Men’s Max90 Basketball T-Shirt

Nike’s Men’s Max90 Basketball T-Shirt is comfy and roomy. Cool graphics show how basketball has changed over time.


Adidas is a popular brand known for its trendy and versatile T-shirts in Dubai. With stylish and functional designs, they suit various occasions.

Stripes of Quality and Style

Recognized for excellence and flair, its iconic three stripes symbolize a blend of quality and style in fashion.


Which is a famous fast fashion brand in Dubai, has a variety of T-shirts. Their collection reflects the latest fashion trends.

Variety for Every Style

Zara Men’s Collection Features essential plain T-shirts to distinctive styles like graphic and knit, catering to diverse preferences.

Text print patch T-shirt

Enjoy a comfortable, loose fit with a crew neck and short sleeves. The chest patch adds a stylish text print detail.

Combination print T-shirt

Combination Print Tee, Round neck, short sleeves, and standout style. Features contrasting prints on the front and back for a dynamic look.


A popular Swedish retail giant offers chic and budget-friendly T-shirts in Dubai’s malls. Trendy styles without breaking the bank.

Sustainable Fashion with the Conscious Collection

H&M’s dedication to sustainability shines in the Conscious Collection, prioritizing eco-friendly materials and ethical sourcing for a responsible fashion approach.

Regular fit T-shirt

Regular fit T-shirt, Comfortable regular fit in lightweight cotton jersey. The classic silhouette, round ribbed neck, and a straight-cut hem.

Oversized fit T-shirt

Offers a relaxed look in a medium-weight cotton jersey. Baggy silhouette, ribbed crew neck, dropped shoulders for casual comfort.


Gucci T-shirts epitomize luxury and style with iconic designs, fine craftsmanship, and premium materials, setting a high standard in fashion.

GG stretch cotton polo

GG Stretch Polo, White shirt with blue GG pattern, stretchy cotton. Metal buttons, stylish blue and red striped collar for extra flair.

Wool cashmere polo shirt

Wool Cashmere Polo, Vibrant green with patterns, ideal for the new season. Front button closure, featuring stylish gold-toned Gucci engraved buttons.

Looking for T-shirts for women? Burberry T-Shirt for Ladies 

Shirts usually have long sleeves and, for formal occasions, feature a collar and buttoned front. T-shirts, with short sleeves, are more casual. Both share a basic structure but differ in formality.

A good quality T-shirt begins with 100% pre-shrunk cotton, ensuring comfort and durability. The absence of synthetic fibers prevents itching, while resistance to shrinking maintains the shirt's original shape after washing.

Wearing full sleeves in summer is possible. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to stay cool and comfortable while protecting your skin from the sun.

Pairing a black T-shirt with blue jeans is a classic and versatile combination. The contrast enhances the overall look, providing a stylish and casual appearance suitable for various occasions.

Explore more t-shirt styling options here: Navy Blue Shirt Matching Pant

Yes, you can wear a shirt in a suit. A shirt is a fundamental part of a suit ensemble, typically worn underneath the suit jacket. It adds a formal touch to your look.

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