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Zainab chotanni

Zainab Chottani launched her debut bridal line in 2010, collaborating with Fariha Altaf, marking the inception of her distinguished bridal collections.

Bridal to Ready to Wear

Primarily renowned for bridal designs, Zainab Chottani broke the mold in 2012, becoming one of the first bridal designers exploring ready-to-wear fashion.

Versatile Fashion Maven

Zainab Chottani’s labels, Aqua and Mera Pakistan, specialize in ready-to-wear. Her diverse collections encompass lawn, pret, formal, casual, and bridal wear.

Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan, renowned for pret wear, achieved exceptional success with her formal and bridal collections, showcasing her versatility and creativity.

Nature inspired

Zara Shahjahan blends nature inspired elements like flowers and birds, calming colors, and modern cuts, creating beautiful, chic, and wearable designs.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Hash and Safinaz Muneer joined forces in 1989, initiating their clothing brand. After 30 years, it stands robust and flourishing.

Silk and versatile styles

Sana Safinaz excels in stunning seasonal silk collections, offering a versatile range including pret, casual wear, formal wear, and festive clothing for Pakistani women.

Saira Rizwan

Saira Rizwan, inspired by designing a wedding dress, launched her brand in 2007. Renowned for minimal prints and intricate embroidery, catering to diverse collections.

Inclusive fashion icon

Saira Rizwan crafts lawn and Eid Collections, uniquely inclusive with a portion designed for older women, making her brand widely cherished in Pakistan.

Amir Adnan

In 1990, Amir Adnan struggled to find ties in Pakistan. He later designed jeans in the US and, upon returning, reinvented Pakistani fashion, starting with the sherwani.

Versatile Men’s Fashion

Amir Adnan envisions his designs for men attending various occasions, ensuring versatility from weddings to formal office dinners, creating versatile men fits.

Mohsin Naveed ranjha

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, a relative newcomer since 2014, brought a fresh perspective, reshaping Pakistani fashion with his innovative designs.

Reviving regal clothing

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha reintroduced regal, traditional attire to Pakistan with a contemporary touch. Renowned for distinctive colors, fabrics, and embroidery, gaining widespread acclaim.

Mina Hassan

Mina Hasan, daughter of Madam Noor Jehan, founded her brand in 2002. Infusing her mother’s charm with diverse Pakistani cultural elements.

Expert of bridal and beyond

Mina Hasan excels in bridal wear with vibrant and luxurious collections. She also designs impeccable formal and luxury pret, thriving in lawn collaborations.

Asim jofa

Asim Jofa gained international acclaim with runway collections showcased in fashion capitals worldwide, earning the Best Designer Brand at IAFA International Asian Fashion Awards 2012.

Collection, Excellence and Recognition

In 2012, Asim Jofa was honored with the Collection of the Year award at the Pakistan Fashion Awards, solidifying his recognition in the industry.


Afrozeh, with a three-generation legacy in fabrics, presents a premium clothing line. Experience the finest Chiffon and Lawn fabrics with intricate designs.

Premium designs and colors

Afrozeh’s premium line offers intricate designs and subtle colors on Chiffon and Lawn fabrics, leaving you exquisite and unique.

Anaya by kiran choudary

Established in 2016 by Kiran Chaudhry and Resham Textile Industries, ANAYA aims to deliver high-quality, affordable fashion in women’s ethnic wear.

Designer Aesthetics, High Street Prices

ANAYA fulfills a market need by offering aesthetically advanced women’s ethnic wear at affordable prices, blending designer aesthetics with accessibility.


Baroque, under Bilal Textile, boasts over 30 years of textile expertise, renowned for quality and craftsmanship, marking excellence.

Retail Triumph in Fast Fashion

Baroque transitions into retail, becoming a high-end fast fashion brand, leveraging its rich fabric quality and craftwork in women’s wear.


Established in 2006, ÉLAN embodies elegance and luxury with intricate evening and bridal wear, and tastefully body conscious silhouettes.

Luxury pret extravaganza

ELAN’s monthly luxury pret a porter line, highly anticipated for exquisite aesthetics and design details, complements its renowned couture collections.

Faiza saqlain

Established in 2012, Faiza Saqlain garners success for tasteful timeless silhouettes and detailed handwork, embodying elegance and sophistication.

Pakistani Soul in Design

Faiza Saqlain, inherently Pakistani, designs ensembles preserving traditions, paying homage to supreme craftsmanship, creating exquisite pieces with a cultural soul.

Farah talib aziz

Farah Talib Aziz, a formal wear designer, brings forth effeminate opulence, adorned with signature embroidery and baroque motifs, magnifying femininity.

Artisanal expert in Designs

Her design philosophy emphasizes regal draping and skilled artisans, creating elegant sophistication while enhancing and celebrating the essence of femininity.

Hussain Rehar

Establishing his label in 2017, Hussain Rehar thrives on unique styling and meticulous attention to detail, shaping a distinctive identity.

Rehar’s brand

After graduating, Hussain Rehar’s brand, born in August 2017, stands out for its bold individuality and unbridled creativity.

Imrozia premium

Awais Fancy Embroidery’s Serene Premium, a quality clothing brand for over a decade, excels in classic beauty, embracing traditional trends.

Imrozia Premium and Majestic Expansion

Winning hearts, Serene Premium gave rise to Imrozia Premium and Majestic, extending its legacy, captivating women with joyous celebrations.


Haroon Ahmed, the Creative Head and CEO of Musq, leads with visionary creativity, defining the brand’s distinctive quality.

Effortless beauty

Indulge in Mushq’s exquisite craftsmanship, embracing effortless chic style, staying fashion forward and up to date with the brand’s offerings.


Manto, a Pakistani label, offers a modern take on tradition. Bold and rebellious, our eye-catching products are designed and made in Karachi, Pakistan.

Passion Driven Craftsmanship

Their brand believes in creating the best products through passion, hard work, and collaboration with skilled craftsmen for beautiful designs.


Nureh offers Clothing with amazing designs and high quality fashion wear, ensuring both style and quality in every piece.

Affordable Trendy Styles

Discover fashionable clothing at pocket friendly prices with their collection, ensuring trendy looks without breaking the bank.

Maryam Hussain

At Maryam Hussain, beauty is drawn from the global arena, blending creativity and brilliance into a unified collection.

Just like an Artist canvas

In their collection, fabric is treated like an artist’s canvas, challenging limitations in weaving, printing, and embroidery with dedication.


Qalamkar pays tribute to Pakistani artisans, crafting unique ensembles upholding traditions. Exquisite designs are handcrafted by local artisans nationwide.

Quality and vibrant designs

Qalamkar, using quality fabrics, offers vibrant designs and intricate craftsmanship, creating a brand that transcends generations.


Rebublic offers unstitched and ready to wear collections at Republic Women’s Wear, offering couture fashion with versatile choices.

Offering accessories

Republic offers stylish jewelry, including rings and earrings. Explore their collection for trendy accessories to complement your look with flair.

Rozina munib

Rozina, a versatile designer, effortlessly navigates formal wear and contemporary Pret wear with undeniable flair, offering enchanting and smart styles.

Elegant Design Mastery

Rozina’s design brilliance lies in her unique designs, skillfully playing with contemporary and classic drapes, creating heart-touching ensembles with refined and creative detailing.

Sobia nazir

Sobia Nazir, a leading brand since 1995, redefines women’s retail with diverse, accessible designer fashion ranges, providing affordable chic.

Global Style Hub

Sobia Nazir stands out as Pakistan’s diverse fashion brand, offering pret a porter, couture, lawn, and more. It exports globally to six destinations.

Suffuse by sana yasir

Suffuse, founded in 2012, and signifies Pakistani luxury fashion with delicate designs, celebrating femininity through signature floral patterns and intricate aesthetics.

Sana Yasir’s Exclusivity

Creative Head Sana Yasir crafts exclusive designs in her private studio, offering refined pret, semi-formals, weddings, and bridals.

Umsha by uzma babar

Established in 2010, Umsha by Uzma Babar is a boutique label celebrated for pret, luxury couture, and exquisite bridals.

Cultural Artistry Fusion

Uzma Babar’s distinctive recognition comes from seamlessly blending traditional cultural artistry with modern and classic cuts, creating exceptional designs.

Zainab salman

Established since 2011, Zainab Salman excels internationally, crafting empowering silhouettes with fine embellishments, embroideries, and exquisite handcrafted details.

Exaggerated cuts 

Zainab Salman’s forte lies in blending exaggerated cuts, ruffled tailoring, and a fusion of colors, creating globally acclaimed designs.


Zaha, an avant garde label, caters to the modern woman, offering distinctive fashion with personality, femininity, and enduring appeal.

 Creative and Versatile designs

Zaha celebrates confident women, embodying dynamic and contemporary design, invoking spirit and creativity for an impactful and eclectic aesthetic.

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