Welcome To Al Ashrafia Holiday Homes: Your Cozy Retreat In Dubai

Al Ashrafia holiday homes

Here in the centre of Dubai, comfort and convenience meet at Al Ashrafia Holiday Homes! Our vacation rentals, which are tucked away in a bustling city renowned for its modern marvels and cultural diversity, provide a comfortable haven for those looking to combine leisure and adventure. Al Ashrafia invites you to explore Dubai elegantly with its well-appointed lodging, proximity to well-known sites, and an array of services to make your stay more enjoyable. Come stay with us for an amazing experience where every minute is planned to make you feel completely at home.

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Features Of Al Ashrafia Holiday Home

Nearby Attractions and Landmarks

Dining Options

Review And Ratings

What are the top amenities offered at Al Ashrafia Homes?

How is the service quality at Al Ashrafia Homes according to

What is the overall rating of Al Ashrafia Homes on Expedia?

Features Of Al Ashrafia Homes

Al Ashrafia in Dubai offers a range of amenities and features for guests to enjoy a comfortable stay. Here are the specifications and features in good detail:

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Accommodation: Offers rooms with an electronic key card, a writing desk, and a balcony, along with a full kitchen.

Room Features: In-room safe, air conditioning, refrigerator, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and sound systems.

Nearest Airport: Al Maktoum International, approximately 15 miles away.

Price: Approximately $100 for a night’s stay

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Kitchen: Full kitchen or kitchenette available.

Parking: Complimentary parking.

Outdoor Facilities: Swimming pool.

Free WiFi

Balcony / Patio.

Washing machine




They provide a cozy and convenient lodging option in Dubai, with well-equipped accommodations and a range of amenities to ensure a pleasant stay for guests.

Nearby Attractions and Landmarks

Near Al Ashrafia Homes in Dubai, guests can find several attractions and landmarks to explore. Some of the nearby attractions include:

  • Dubai Shopping Centre (0.05 miles)
  • Vox Cinemas (0.1 miles)
  • Bowling City (0.1 miles)

These attractions offer guests staying at Al Ashrafia Homes convenient access to shopping, entertainment, and leisure activities in the vicinity.

Popular shopping destinations near include the Dubai Shopping Centre, which is located just 0.05 miles away from the accommodation.

One of the markets near these holiday homes is the Dubai Shopping Centre, located just a short distance away from the accommodation.

Dining Options

Near Al Ashrafia Holiday Homes in Dubai, guests can enjoy dining at various restaurants in the vicinity. Some of the dining options near it include:

  • Kickers Sports Bar
  • SOBO Restaurant

These restaurants offer guests staying, convenient choices for dining out and enjoying different cuisines during their stay.

Review And Ratings Al Ashrafia Holiday Homes

The feedback is generally positive based on the reviews and ratings for Al Ashrafia Holiday Homes in Dubai. The accommodation has received a rating of 8 – Good on Expedia, although no specific reviews are mentioned. On TripAdvisor, guests have praised the amazing service, with a recommendation rate of 100%.


What are the top amenities offered at Al Ashrafia Holiday Homes?

The top amenities include free WiFi, kitchen/kitchenette, air conditioning, parking, balcony/patio, and a washing machine (availability may vary).

How is the service quality at Al Ashrafia Holiday Homes according to reviews?

Reviews highlight amazing service, with a 100% recommendation rate.

What is the overall rating of Al Ashrafia Holiday Homes on Expedia?

It has received a rating of 8 – Good on Expedia based on reviews.

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